PhD's Program “Ethnic and Cultural (Siberian Arctic) Studies” | Siberian Federal University

PhD's Program “Ethnic and Cultural (Siberian Arctic) Studies”

Doctoral students will be involved in research projects at the Research and Educational Center of Modern Problems of the Indigenous Peoples of the Siberian North and Arctic, or Department of Cultural Studies, Laboratory of Ethnic and Cultural Dynamics of Northern and Central Asia under the supervision of Professor Natalia Koptseva.

Professor Natalia Koptseva

Institute for the Humanities, Siberian Federal University

phone: +7 908 211-41-23


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Duration: 3 years
(this period can be shorter depending on the availability of a PhD thesis)
Language: English
Entry requirements:
  • Master`s degree in Cultural Studies, or Social Studies, or Indigenous Studies, or Ethnic Studies, or Religious Studies, or Social (Cultural) Anthropology, or Political Anthropology

  • An adequate level of English proficiency (certificate or another document)

Apply to The Centre for International Education and Certified Testing for a certificate if you do not have it, the Russian language preparatory course is available

Tuition fee: € 3,500 (the cost does not include accommodation and living expenses)
Accommodation: On-campus accommodation is available: single ensuite room 45 € per month, twin ensuite room 30 € per month
Practicalities: Airport transfer, invitation letter for a Russian study visa and an optional survival course of Russian as a foreign language are provided by the University
  • Ethnic and Cultural Studies in Northern and Central Asia
  • Unique Expeditions to the Ethnic Settlements of Indigenous Peoples of the North and Siberia, Tundra and Taiga
  • Unique Expeditions and Field Studies to extreme places of the Siberian Arctic
  • Research in the Archives and Museums of the Siberian Arctic
  • Political Anthropology of the Siberian Arctic
  • Indigenous Studies in the Siberian Arctic
  • Any interesting topic the candidate may propose related to the topics discussed in 1-6
Course Time spent (in hours)
Basic courses
Ethnic Studies 5 (180)
Cultural Studies 5 (180)
Indigenous Studies and Expedition in the Siberian Arctic 10 (360)
Processing of experimental data 3 (108)
Methodology of PhD Thesis Preparation 3 (108)
ICT in scientific research 3 (108)
Academic English 3 (108)
Basic English 3 (108)
Russian (fee will apply) 3 (108)

Prof. Natalia Koptseva, Institute for the Humanities
phone: +7908211412

More information?

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e-mail: aspirantura [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru
phone: +7 391 391-28-31
fax: +7 391 291-28-31
address: 79 Svobodny pr., room P6-16, Krasnoyarsk, 660041 Russia


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