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PhD's Program “Paleogeography”

Doctoral students will be engaged in laboratory work and field trips using instruments and equipment from the Laboratory of Comprehensive Physiographic Research. They will use the data to develop paleogeographic reconstructions on regional and interregional scales.

Galina Yamskikh

Research interests of Professor Yamskikh are related to the studies of changes in paleogeographic conditions of the environment in the River Yenisei basin during the last 50 ky. Special attention is paid to the trends of quantitative changes in Holocene climatic and landscape parameters using regression equations. Professor Yamskikh studies organogenic sediments and ancient encampments. Recently, Professor Yamskikh’s research has centered around comprehensive paleogeographic reconstructions in different landscape zones of the Yenisei region. The data and material are paleomalacofauna, paleosoils, and macroscopic plant remains. Future works will cover the interregional paleogeographic reconstructions of Holocene events and living conditions of prehistoric people.

  • Chernykh, D. V., Zolotov, D. V., Yamskikh, G. Yu., Grenaderova, A.V. New data on Holocene evolution of landscapes in the basin of Lake Teletskoye. Bulletin of Russian Geographic Society. 2014. Vol. 146, no. 1, pp. 34–42 (in Russian).
  • Chernykh, D. V., Zolotov, D.V., Yamskikh, G.Y., Grenaderova, A.V. Postglacial environmental change in the valley of Malye Chily River (the basin of Lake Teletskoye), Northeastern Russian Altai. Physical Geography. 2014. Vol. 35, no. 5, pp. 390–410.
  • Kozhuhovsky, A., Yamskikh, G., Komatsu ,G. The evolution of gullies in steppe and forest-steppe landscapes of the Minusinskaya intermountain depression, Siberia: a case study in the central part of the Krasnoyarsk water reservoir. Physical Geography. 2015. Vol. 36, no. 4., pp. 305–321.
  • Novik, D. V., Yamskikh, G.Yu., Makhrova, M.L., Pavlova, E.V. Forming the palynological and paleoclimatic database for reconstructing the living environment of prehistoric people in the territory of the South Minusinsk depression. Bulletin of Kemerovo State University, 2015. nos. 1–2 (61). pp. 84–89 (in Russian).
  • Bolkunova, D. E., Yamskikh, G.Yu., Zharinova, N.Yu., Kuznetsova, O.A., Lebedeva, N.V. Characteristics of indentifying morphological parameters in shells of Holocene fossil mollusks of the Krasnoyarsk depression. Advances in Contemporary Science. 2016. Vol. 7, no. 10, pp. 15–18 (in Russian).
Duration: 3 years
(this period can be shorter depending on the availability of a PhD thesis)
Language: English
Entry requirements:
  • Master’s degree in paleobotany, botany, geography, geomorphology, climatology, landscape studies, mathematics

  • An adequate level of English proficiency (certificate or another document)

Apply to The Centre for International Education and Certified Testing for a certificate if you do not have it, the Russian language preparatory course is available.

Tuition fee: € 2,600. The cost does not include accommodation and living expenses.
Accommodation: On-campus accommodation is available: single ensuite room 45 € per month, twin ensuite room 30 € per month.
Practicalities: Airport transfer, invitation letter for a Russian study visa and an optional survival course of Russian as a foreign language are provided by the University.
Course Time spent (in hours)
Basic courses
Paleogeography holocene 2 (72)

The dynamics of the Earth's climate 2 (72)

Methods of reconstruction of landskape changes in the natural environment 2 (72)

Modern physical and geographycal conditions of Sibeia Prieniseyskoy 2 (72)

Processing of experimental data 3 (108)

Methodology of PhD Thesis Preparation 3 (108)

ICT in scientific research 3 (108)

Academic English 3 (108)

Basic English 3 (108)

Russian (fee will apply) 3 (108)

Professor Galina Yamskikh
Institute of Ecology and Geography,
Head of the Geography Department
Siberian Federal University

tel.: +7 391 246-99-47

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