Vision and Mission | Siberian Federal University

Vision and Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of the University is to create an advanced education, research and innovation infrastructure and to promote new knowledge and technologies to meet the challenges of social and economic development of the Siberian Federal District, as well as to form the human resources potential — competitive experts in the priority areas of the Siberian and Russian Federation development, corresponding to the modern intellectual requirements and meeting international standards.

Our Vision

Siberian Federal University is dedicated to establish itself as a world-class, competitive university that undertakes to make a research and contribution to the international distinction for Siberia's benefit. Siberian Federal University is committed to create many thousands of skilled and qualified workers for a range of industries and public services. Its primary purpose is to enable leading industries in Russia and Siberia to compete internationally and to strengthen the Russian contribution to the economic development of the Asian-Pacific region. Siberian Federal University has aligned all its vision and activities to improve the development of local industry — a great return for the university's many stakeholders. In addition to these economic benefits and the increased recognition and opportunities for Siberian Federal District and Krasnoyarsk on the international stage, the mission of SibFU is to produce teaching and learning benefits and strengthen public services in Siberia by the development of professional skills.

SibFU formulated the following strategy of positioning:

«SibFU trains highly-qualified specialists who are capable of doing practical activities, sets up innovative technologies and contributes to the growth of socio-economic potential of the regions abounding with natural resources which are situated in the harsh geographic climatic conditions.»

Our Mission

  • To contribute to major national economic projects (located in Eastern Siberia, Russia's Far East) as well as to the economic development of the Asian-Pacific region; to create a skilled labour force;
  • To raise the university's international profile in terms of teaching and research;
  • To integrate university research into Russian economic development, to create new hi-tech industries in the region;
  • To work together with businesses and local government to prepare a flexible workforce capable of adapting to changing labour markets;
  • To make investment to enhance staff career opportunities and improve academic buildings, libraries, equipment and IT infrastructure.

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