Strategic Planning: Improving the international competitiveness of the Siberian Federal University

Within several years SibFU has become one of the leading universities in Russia evolving from a merger of 5 regional universities. Siberian Federal District and the Krasnoyarsk region are of strategic importance for the development of the economy and the "new industrialization" of Russia.

With SibFU competitiveness improvement programme planned to achieve 351-400 position in QS university rankings by 2016 and 201-250 position by 2020. To improve the SibFU competitiveness a detailed action plan to achieve the target results will be developed. The implementation of the programme activities will significantly improve the quality of university management, qualification of faculty members and educational programmes portfolio. The programme will also increase the number of publications and citations as well as the region overall competitiveness. A set of activities will focus on the active involvement of students from abroad and from other regions of Russia.

The total budget of the SibFU competitiveness improvement programme is estimated to be 8.3 billion rubles, 3.4 billion rubles will be co-financing funding. Key factors for the successful programme implementation:

  • active collaboration with Research institutions which are part of The Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • increasing rate of publication activity (Web of Science: 2008 year – 37 rank, 2012 year – 14 rank);
  • state-of-the-art laboratories funded by megagrants;
  • modern international campus with developed sports infrastructure;
  • active partnership with transcontinental companies on the basis of public-private partnership;
  • strong support from Regional Government;
  • highly-qualified management team and faculty members.

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