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The mascot U-squirrel


In 2010, Eugene A. Vaganov, rector of SFU proposed to merge all the creative efforts of students and sports under one memorable brand that will reflect the values of modern students of SibFU.

As a result the squirrel was chosen as the new mascot of a modern, intelligent and motivated SibFU student.

«Squirrel» or U-squirrel, with its restlessness, wit and charm has been recognized as the best reflection of extracurricular student life.


The mission of «U» mascot is to form a complete student identity, combining talented, promising, erudite and ambitious young people and actively involving them in self-development of their creativity, sports culture and entrepreneurship.

The main goal of U-squirrel — is to change student world by introducing a new technology to modernize the infrastructure in order to make the best of our university students.

To implement the mission there is work needed in the following areas:

  • Make the university modern, more convenient for students, changing the infrastructure and applying the principles of international successful universities;
  • University should implement the internal aspirations and talents of the students;
  • Introduce and popularize internal corporate structure of SibFU, make staff and students aware about the mascot, make it directly related to the activities of students.

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