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Siberian Federal University


Students from Jamaica will study in SibFU (27 jan 2016)

Flag of Jamaica

The School of Non-Ferrous Metals and Material Science has an addition of 25 Jamaican students who had arrived to study. All of them had won UC RUSAL's sponsored scholarship program in a competition.

Innovative technology of SibFU scientists will increase casting speed by 85 % (21 jan 2016)

Extensive testing of the innovative technology of stirring the liquid core of the crystallizing ingot — LHMS (Liquid Heart Metal Stirrer) completed at the Siberian Federal University.

Call for SibFU New Centers of Excellence Fellowship Program (11 jan 2016)

Siberian Federal University (SibFU) calls for an open international competition for the SibFU New Centers of Excellence Fellowship Program. The program is implemented as a part of the SibFU Competitiveness Enhancement Program (Project “5-100”)

Call for SibFU Postdoc Fellowship Program (14 dec 2015)

Siberian Federal University (SibFU) calls for an open selection for the SibFU Postdoc Fellowship Program. The purpose of the program is to encourage young researchers with PhD Degree (or Candidate of Sciences degree) to contribute to the University research and education activities. Postdoctoral fellows shall conduct their scientific research under the supervision of SibFU leading scientists.

Wells in the Arctic to be warmed up using 'thermos' (8 dec 2015)

The SibFU scientists develop the unique 'thermocase' for the wells. The device will allow to keep the temperature around the well within the certain range which, in turn, will increase the wells operating period in the permafrost areas.

The technology of the Siberian scientists will reduce the cost of the oil deposits search by three times (30 nov 2015)

SibFU scientists has developed a unique technology to search mineral resources by extracting information from natural electromagnetic and seismic noise. They will present their project on the panel of Technopolis "Moscow" at the III National annual exhibition VUZPROMEKSPO 2015, which will be held on 2-4 December 2015 in Moscow.

SibFU the best mass sports oriented university in Russia (20 nov 2015)

SibFU has become the best Russian university in the field of sports activity management. Achievements of the University in the World Summer and Winter Universiades and the all-Russia student championships have been marked.

State-of-art high-performance aluminum technology to be developed at Siberian Federal University (20 nov 2015)

The researches – metallurgists of SFU became a part of the project aimed at development of technology to produce aluminum (RA-500) with reduced power consumption which won a mega-grant of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation.

SibFU has signed a cooperation agreement with Harbin (28 oct 2015)

October 13, 2015 Siberian Federal University and the Office of Foreign Experts Affairs of the city of Harbin (China) signed a cooperation agreement which provides for the university training in the fields of economy, science, technology and culture for the Heilongjiang Province.

SibFU joined the project of enhancing the international competitiveness of the Russian universities (26 oct 2015)

According to the press office of the Russian Ministry of Education, 6 new universities were selected to join the project of enhancing the international competitiveness of the Russian universities. The announcement appeared on October 26, 2015 on the official site.

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