International Summer Law School

The event has been held for 7 years annually, raising the interest in the sphere of legal communication among foreign and Russian students successfully. The Summer School on German law is planned to be held simultaneously with the Summer School on Russian law for students from Germany, whose participation is supported by DAAD program (German Academic Exchange Service). The participants will have an opportunity to meet the members of the Kranoyarsk regional Legislative Assembly (the regional Parliament) and officers of enforcement agencies. This form of the event provides complete exposure in foreign language learning, legal communication development as well as overcoming of traditional stereotypes and awaking the students` interest in international law.

The aim is to raise the interest in Russian law with German students as well as to develop Russian students` communication skills.

The objective is to refine Russian and German students` communicative skills.

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Duration: 13 days (7 ECTS)
Arrival and departure dates: 2017 August, 8 – 2017 August, 20
Language: German and Russian
Entry requirements: Russian language knowledge level not less than B1 and the interest in Russian law
Application period: April – May 2017
Tuition fee:
per 2 weeks
Education is free of charge. Accommodation and meal fee is about 145 €
Accommodation: Accommodation is provided in the university campus: the cost is about 10-15 €
Practicalities: The transfer from the airport to the dormitory in arrival time as well as from the dormitory to the airport in departure time is provided

Participation in the International Summer Law School-2017 will provide German students with an opportunity to discover the way of life in Krasnoyarsk region located in the geographical center of Russia, learn about the main branches of Russian law as well as teaching approaches, acquire the basic knowledge of the Russian language, get better understanding of Russian culture and communicate with Russian students and teaching staff. The International Summer Law School-2017 will help students from European universities to break cultural barriers and raise the interest in studying in Russia.

The education plan of the International Summer Law School includes the following lectures and seminars:

  • Bases of Russian Constitutional law — 12 hours (in German)
  • Bases of Russian Civil law — 12 hours (in German)
  • Bases of Russian Criminal law — 12 hours (in German)
  • Russian language — 30 hours

Ludmila Maiorova

Candidate of legal science, Associate professor of Criminal procedure Department, Law Institute of Siberian Federal University

Coordinator of European programs in Law Institute of Siberian Federal University

Phone: +7 391 203-23-36, +7 913 534-53-29
E-mail: lmaiorova [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru


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