Practical training “Treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater”

The aim of the given practical training is consolidation of the acquired knowledge in the field of study and acquisition of work skills in real conditions of municipal Krasnoyarsk enterprises in the area of water intake and wastewater treatment.

Structure of the Practical Training Course

  • Lectures — 6 hours.
  • Regulatory documents preparation related to admission to Siberian Federal University’s partner enterprises.
  • Safety training that includes accidents prevention final exam.
  • Experimental studies and research.

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Duration: 3 weeks (4,5 ECTS)
Starting date: July, 1
Language: English and Russian
Entry requirements: Bachelor and Master students
Application deadline: June, 1
Tuition fee: The price will be announced soon.
Additional information: Airport transfer, invitation letter for a Russian study visa and an optional survival course of Russian as a foreign language are provided by the University.
Period Content Type of Study Placement Base
Week 1
2 days Main physical and chemical indicators of municipal wastewater contamination and express methods of drainage chemical composition determination Laboratory research and evaluation Siberian Federal University, laboratories of the Dpt. of Engineering Systems of Buildings and Constructions, laboratory of physical and chemical methods of analysis; KrasKom joint venture laboratories
Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and suspended matter reduction in primary sedimentation Laboratory research and evaluation
Biological treatment. Practical definition of quality characteristics of activated sludge; sludge composition determination; sludge number determination; biological treatment efficiency determination Laboratory research and evaluation
Disinfection of treated water. Alternative methods of disinfection Laboratory research of cavitation influence effects
Sludge treatment. Sludge mechanical dewatering. Sludge humidity percentage after its mechanical dewatering. Sublimated sludge use Laboratory research and evaluation
3-4 days Work in mobile groups in the main shops and laboratories of municipal sewage treatment plants. Ecological and economic evaluation of drainage treatment station operation efficiency Seminars Laboratory of water quality and production control of municipal water treatment installations
Week 2
5 days Main physical and chemical indicators of industrial wastewater contamination and express methods of drainage chemical composition determination Laboratory research and calculations by example of thermal engineering complex enterprises Laboratories of the Dpt. of Engineering Systems of Buildings and Constructions, Krasnoyarsk heat stations
Technological scheme of industrial wastewater treatment (mechanical treatment, physical and chemical treatment, unit of post-treatment and drainage conditioning, disinfection)
Determination of toxicity of treated water by bioindication method
Pollution of natural water by technogeneous objects Laboratory research and evaluation, Lecture, Guided tour “Serebristy”polygon, the Dpt. of Technospheric safety
Localization of oil product in the open water body with the use of some sorbents Seminars “Serebristy”polygon
Water analysis, comparison of the sorption capabilities that are used to remove oil sorbents Laboratories of Siberian Federal University
Disposal of waste resulting from the water treatment activities using the processing and oily water disposal installation УЗГ-1МГ installation
1 day Application of enzyme bioluminescence in ecology ( General principles of bioluminescent enzymatic toxicity bioassays) Lecture (2 hours) Siberian Federal University
Bioluminescent methods of water pollution assessment Laboratory work Laboratory of bioluminescent biotechnologies
Bioluminescent methods of soil and air contamination assessment Laboratory work (3 hours) Laboratory of bioluminescent biotechnologies
Forms of water quality control. Biological control in the assessment of water pollution degree Lecture Laboratory of the Dpt. of Ecology and Nature Use
Methods and equipment for water toxicity biotesting. Toxicological experiment of water pollution Seminars
Week 3
2 days Study tours of treatment enterprises of Krasnoyarsk and Divnogorsk: surface type water intake, infiltration type water intake, water pump station of the third rise, water and sewerage treatment facilities of Divnogorsk. Centre for laboratory analysis and technical measurements in Siberian Federal District Guided tours Municipal water intake and treatment installations
1 day Report preparation Self-study SibFU library
  • Study of the enterprise organizational structure–practice bases.
  • Analysis of production technology of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, the materials and equipment used, evaluation effectiveness determination.
  • Getting acquainted with the structure of production costs, calculation of wastewater 1m3 self-cost treatment, calculation of ecological fees.
  • Study of management and marketing organization as well as methods of labour protection organization and safety methods.

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e-mail: study [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru
phone: +7 391 206-39-28
fax: +7 391 206-21-66
address: 82/6 Svobodny pr., room 427, Krasnoyarsk, 660041 Russia

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The city is located on the banks of the Yenisey River in the valley formed by the Eastern Sayan Mountains. Nature reserve Stolby ("pillars") has become the city’s visiting card.

Among the famous people born in Krasnoyarsk are artist Vasily Surikov, opera singer Dmitri Hvorostovsky, biathlete Evgeny Ustyugov, skeletonist Alexander Tretyakov and ice-hockey player Alexander Semin.

In 2019 Krasnoyarsk will proudly host the XXIX Winter Universiade.

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