Master’s Programs at SibFU

Siberian Federal University offers a wide range of Master’s Level programs:

Our Master’s Degree Programs are mostly focused on research activities. Teaching staff on the programs are represented by researchers with wide international networks that provide a strong link between research and teaching.

Master’s degree programs consist of a number of compulsory courses, elective courses and a research work on the topic of students’ interests that ends up with writing a thesis. The master’s thesis project is performed either in a research group at the department under the supervision of one of the academic staff members or externally. For example, in a company, at another research institution, laboratory or another university. A defense of the master’s thesis is held in the form of a public presentation and scientific debates.

Our strongly research-based Master’s degree programs give our graduates a solid background (in-depth knowledge, tools and competencies) for further development to compete on the job market.

Studying science at the advanced level gives students the ability of an excellent preparation for a future research to earn a PhD SibFU degree.

Academic year begins at the 1st of September.

The Master’s degree holder can continue studying to earn a PhD SibFU degree.

The duration of study in Master’s Level programs vary depending on a program, for more information see the table below.

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