Student Testimonials

Sreelatha Chandragiri (India)

PhD Student, School of Mathematics and Computer Science

Delroy Mcfee (Jamaica)

Bachelor, School of Mining, Geology and Geotechnology

“Is vital to study at a good university, one that aspires to give the best to its students, ensures that each student reaches his maximum potential. Through its reputation and my one year experience, SibFU is doing just that. It simply means that SibFU will always keep me engage, helping me along the path to success”.

Miloš Đurić (Serbia)

Bachelor, School of Space and Information Technologies

Joseph Donkor Appiah (Ghana)

Master’s degree student, program “Petroleum chemistry and refining”, School of petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

“My friend told me about SibFU. I think for the last two years we searched for schools to study petroleum and we tried several schools in Europe and America as well. My friend told me he has found a school in Russia and gave me the name of the school. He said he searched it online and it was SibFU. I checked it, the fees and Petroleum chemistry and refining program, and it was ok for me so I decided to apply. He also applied for the program. That’s how I got in SibFU. For me Russian education in terms of engineering and science is one of the best.”

Joseph Yau Dawson (Ghana)

Master’s degree program “Banking”, School of Economics, Management and Environmental Studies

“Compared with other countries Russia has affordable tuition fees.”

Aleksandr Mkrtchyan (Armenia)


International students of the Master's degree program “Petroleum Chemistry and Refining”

Department “Chemistry and technology of natural energy carries and carbon materials”, School of petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Siberian Federal University, visited Achinsk refinery

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