Student Testimonials

Nargiza Hamzaeva (Uzbekistan)

Master student, study programme — Biological Engineering, Institute for Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology.

“I finished my Bachelor's degree at the Agro-chemistry department, the faculty of Biology and Chemistry, Karshi State University, Uzbekistan. I wanted to get my Master degree abroad and I started to look for the universities. When I was looking for the relevant study programs I discovered the website called There I found the information Siberian Federal University and contacted the support office of the international students and they recommended me to visit the official website of the university. I saw SFU campus online and I liked it. When I came to Krasnoyarsk, this campus of Siberian Federal University looked much better than it was shown on the pictures - it was excellent. At the campus I found great facilities such as dormitories for students, university buildings etc. I really like the laboratory equipment in the departments, and the teachers which are really kind. So I didn’t have any problems with adaptation. Nowadays I am doing my Master research on the topic called ''Nutrition and Sirtuins''. In near future I am planning to go Lleida University in Spain and share my research findings.”

Santiago Palacios (Quito, Equador)

Master student, study programme — Biological Engineering, Institute for Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology.

“One year ago I finished my bachelor's program in Russian language at the Belgorod State University, so I speak very good Russian; also I know English, German and Spanish (my mother tongue).

I am very satisfied with the academic level of the Siberian Federal University. I really like the group of professors and state-of-the-art laboratories in which I conduct my research and write my Master thesis. My thesis topic is related to the techniques of bioluminescence in which the scientists of my faculty are experts. The true eminences of this field are very promising in my country and in the world.

I have already lived in Russia for several years and from my experience I can say that the university facilities and residences are of very good quality. And I believe that Siberian Federal University can compete with the best universities in the world.

In my research I test the efficiency of probiotics by applying bioluminescence techniques. And I want to thank professors and colleagues from my faculty for their help and support.

For now I want to successfully complete my Master's programme. I really want to get a PhD here, so now I am preparing for it and I already decided what topic I want study: “Development of Biosensors for the detection of infectious diseases using bioluminescence techniques”.

Ameer Ali Hussein (Baghdad, Iraq)

Master student, study programme — Banking, School of Economics, Management and Environmental Studies.

“This is my first year here in Krasnoyarsk and my second year here in the Russian Federation. I had two degrees in management: Diploma in Material Management from Institute of Administration Rasafa, Middle Technical University, Iraq, Baghdad. And I got my bachelor degree in Administration Management from Mustansiriya University, Iraq, Baghdad.

I chose this university because I found a good program (Banking) and it suited my background. Also I came here because I liked the pictures of the dormitories and study buildings. The studying here is very interesting and it offers unique programs, and education here is very sophisticated. Furthermore, I like that this university has a good rankings and it is globally recognized. There are a lot of foreign students here, especially Iraqi students. This indicates that this university offers good educational programs. This continuous increase of Iraqi students demonstrates that the facilities provided by the Russian State are of a great interest to Iraq students and we appreciate the good reception and hospitality provided by the competent authorities. Probably I would apply for a PhD programme, here in Russia, but I haven’t decided yet.

On behalf of all Iraqi students I want to thank the Russian Federation and in particular, the Russian Ministry of Education and the Siberian Federal University for the possibility of studying here.”

Abdul Rahman (Indonesia)

Master student, study programme — Petroleum Chemistry and Refining, School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering.

“I graduated from UCSI University of Malaysia with a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering. During my undergraduate studying I started my research journey in the field of renewable sources; one of my topics of interest was the development of bio-lubricants from the palm oil manufacturing waste.

I was searching for the various possibilities to continue my study and this programme has caught my attention. Petroleum Chemistry and Refining School has proven to be the right choice and so far I have an outstanding experience by being a student here. This programme is also the best preparation for getting the job in the future. I like this programme as it has a strong focus on engineering skills and we have a lot practical work as well. The laboratory facilities in SFU are absolutely sufficient to comply with a broad number of research possibilities. My favourite is the Centre for Joint Use Equipment in Siberian Federal University as it consists of various facilities, for example IR Spectroscopy which can be used in many areas of research. During my research I study the development of phospholipid-based inhibiting compositions gained from oil industrial waste. Also, I am trying to find the best method of phospholipids extraction and establish selective phospholipids in corrosion prevention utilizations. After graduation, I intend to pursue a career in EPC or as Engineering consulting firms. Furthermore, I would like to apply for a PhD and continue my research in the area of green resources.”

Sreelatha Chandragiri (India)

PhD Student, School of Mathematics and Computer Science

Delroy Mcfee (Jamaica)

Bachelor, School of Mining, Geology and Geotechnology

“Is vital to study at a good university, one that aspires to give the best to its students, ensures that each student reaches his maximum potential. Through its reputation and my one year experience, SibFU is doing just that. It simply means that SibFU will always keep me engage, helping me along the path to success”.

Miloš Đurić (Serbia)

Bachelor, School of Space and Information Technologies

Joseph Donkor Appiah (Ghana)

Master’s degree student, program “Petroleum chemistry and refining”, School of petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

“My friend told me about SibFU. I think for the last two years we searched for schools to study petroleum and we tried several schools in Europe and America as well. My friend told me he has found a school in Russia and gave me the name of the school. He said he searched it online and it was SibFU. I checked it, the fees and Petroleum chemistry and refining program, and it was ok for me so I decided to apply. He also applied for the program. That’s how I got in SibFU. For me Russian education in terms of engineering and science is one of the best.”

Joseph Yau Dawson (Ghana)

Master’s degree program “Banking”, School of Economics, Management and Environmental Studies

“Compared with other countries Russia has affordable tuition fees.”

Aleksandr Mkrtchyan (Armenia)


International students of the Master's degree program “Petroleum Chemistry and Refining”

Department “Chemistry and technology of natural energy carries and carbon materials”, School of petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Siberian Federal University, visited Achinsk refinery

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