Michael Yu. Shalunin | Siberian Federal University

Michael Yu. Shalunin

Michael Yu. ShaluninPresent position: Rector's Executive Assistant, Chief of the Rector's Office

Address: 79/10 Svobodny pr., Room P8-05, 660041 Krasnoyarsk
E-mail: mshalunin [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru
Tel: +7 391 291-28-50
Fax: +7 391 291-28-53

As Executive Assistant, Mr. Shalunin is responsible for coordinating and scheduling meetings, maintaining the rector's schedule and providing administrative support to the rector.

Mr. Shalunin is responsible for the management of a large volume of correspondence, memoranda, minutes of meetings, and reports, much of which is regularly required for the effective administration of Siberian Federal University. Mr. Shalunin coordinates preparations for meetings and receiving external visitors. He is responsible for the logistical arrangements associated with hosting these visits. The Executive Secretary supervises or leads the work of the rector’s secretaries and other clerical support personnel.

Mr. Shalunin received his Specialist’s degree from Krasnoyarsk Polytechnic Institute in 1974. He also received a degree in taxation from the Krasnoyarsk College of Finance and Economics in 1999.

Prior to coming to Siberian Federal University, Mr. Shalunin worked for several public companies in Krasnoyarsk.


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