Master's degree program “Petroleum Chemistry and Refining”

This programme has been designed to prepare graduates with a range of skills, including engineering and management. It is focused on providing students with detailed theoretical knowledge of the required technologies and all major engineering elements associated with the oil refining life-cycle. Moreover, the programme is aimed at preparing specialists in the field of research and development of technologies involved into petroleum production and refining processes.

By the end of the programme students will be able:

  • to apply knowledge of petrochemical and oil refining processes to solve industrial problems;
  • to demonstrate proficiency in the basic equipment setting and optimization of existing technologies;
  • to perform skills based on modeling technological processes;
  • to display professionalism in appearance, job performance and ability to work as team members
  • All the subjects taught in English.

Partners of the School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering are Rosneft, Gazprom, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science and others.

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Students will get essential professional skills and important competencies of developmental integration in global processes of creation of new technologies. Highly trained and knowledgeable team of academics from SibFU, specialists from refining enterprises and international leading business coaches will guide students through theories, models, and practices on the program.

In the program students are involved in real research and engineering projects with experienced team of tutors, and have a possibility to publish papers of new advanced results. All the courses of the program are intended to develop students' abilities to apply their research skills in science and high-tech areas.

This field of petroleum chemistry and refining is actively developing nowadays and we are waiting for young researchers in SibFU!

This year the international students from Iran and Republic of Ghana chose to study with us, making our School campus more diverse and multicultural. The first semester of school was exciting but overwhelming: difficulties in finding lecture halls, tutorial rooms, facilities and even a cafeteria in the campus. Moreover, first lectures weren’t so easy as it seemed.
In laboratories students investigated and analyzed different processes connected with petroleum refining. They tested and applied theories and made abstract concepts concrete.

However, the processes of investigation don’t always run smoothly, and students need guidance to interpret their results correctly. Thus, they did this job with highly qualified experts. Students were also integrated into different activities: participating in meetings, seminars, research discussions and other.

Here are some pictures to demonstrate the way the students study.

Remember, when you choose School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, there will always be someone who can give you a helping hand!

Fedor A. Buryukin

  • PhD in Chemistry, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Technology of Natural Energy Resources and Carbon Materials
  • Director of School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Siberian Federal University
  • Director of Scientific and Educational Center “SibFU Corporate Oil and Gas Center”, Siberian Federal University
  • Engineer, Sector Development Projects of JSC “Achinsk Refinery”

Tel: +7 391 254-54-43

E-mail: Fburyukin [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru
CV: in russian

Buryukin F. is the author of more than 100 scientific papers. He participated in various international conferences in Spain, China, France, Switzerland, Malaysia, Canada, and Singapore.

Research interests: technologies of petroleum processing and etc.


  • 2011 — Internship Nanyang Technological university (Malaysia) “Introduction to Micro and Nanotechnologies”
  • 2013 — Internship Vinci Technologies (France) “Pilot plant”
  • 2013 — New methods in the analysis of petroleum and petroleum products, (Switzerland)


Laureate of the corporate grants JSC NK “Rosneft”, JSC “Achinsk Refinery”, JSC “Vankorneft” for achievements in science and education.

2013 Diploma of the Administration of the Oktyabrsky borough of Krasnoyarsk for many years of conscientious work and high professionalism.

2012 The letter of thanks of the Ministry of Investment and Innovation of the Krasnoyarsk Territory for his great personal contribution to the development of nanotechnology.

Duration: 2 years (120 ECTS credits)
Starting date: October, 1
Language: English
Entry requirements:
  • BSc or MSc degree in Engineering, Chemistry or Physics (transcript of records)
  • good command of English (certificate or other official document)
Application deadline: July, 29
Tuition fee: 206,000 rubles. The cost does not include accommodation and living expenses
The price could change at the time of signing a learning agreemen
Accommodation: On-campus accommodation is available in double and triple-occupancy rooms (€ 20 per month).
Practicalities: Airport transfer and invitation letter for a Russian study visa are provided by the University.

Program structure

Semester Module Title ECTS credits
First year 60
1st semester 1st Module — System modeling:
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Chemical process modeling
  • 5
  • 4
2nd Module 10:
  • 5
  • 5
Optional course:

  • Language training (Russian language)
Practice (including SRW) 11
2nd semester 4th Module — Ensuring quality and reliability of technological equipment 7
5th Module — Feedstock evaluation and composition 5
6th Module — Deep oil refining processes 7
Optional course:

  • Language training (Russian language)
Practice (including SRW) 11
Second year 60
3rd semester 8th Module — Petrochemicals production processes 7
9th Module — Polymer technology 6
10th Module — Industrial Catalysis (On-line) 5
Practice (including SRW) 12
4th semester 13th Module — Technology of processing heavy oils, bitumen and residue 6
14th Module — Recycling of resources 4
Practice (including SRW) 14
The State Final Examination 6
Total 120

important in their future development in petroleum industry. Highly trained team of academics from SibFU, specialists from refining enterprises and international business coaches guide students through the theories, models and practices on the programme. In exam week refinery employees are invited to evaluate student’s knowledge.

On the course of the programme students are involved into real research and engineering projects with experienced team of tutors and have a possibility to publish articles with new advanced results. All courses of the program are intended to develop students' abilities to apply their research skills in science and high-tech areas.

This field of petroleum chemistry and refining is actively developing nowadays and we are waiting for young researchers in SibFU!

Diploma and degree: Master of Science in Chemistry.

Career prospects

Master's programme is designed for current and future employees of oil companies and provides them with further career development opportunities.

Career opportunities: Having a Master's degree in Chemical Sciences, you can hold a position in one of the largest refineries and petrochemical plants in various companies such as Rosneft, Gazpronef etc.

Research career: The Master’s degree holder can continue studying to get a PhD SibFU degree.

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Please contact our Department of International Educational Programs, SibFU

e-mail: study [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru
phone: +7 391 206-39-28
fax: +7 391 206-21-66
address: 79 Svobodny pr., room Б1-19, Krasnoyarsk, 660041 Russia

Skype: StudyatSibFU

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The University

Today Siberian Federal University (SibFU) with over 35,000 students enrolled in its programmes is one of the most actively developing universities in Russia. Annually more than 200 visiting professors – leading scientists from UK, Germany, Spain and USA – deliver their lectures at SibFU.

The University is a winner of the Russian Government grants supporting research projects under the guidance of top-level scholars from Russia and all over the world.

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The City of Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk is the administrative capital of Krasnoyarsky kray – second largest region of Russia. It is a big industrial and educational centre with a population of more than 1 million people, and also an important junction of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The city is located on the banks of the Yenisey River in the valley formed by the Eastern Sayan Mountains. Nature reserve Stolby ("pillars") has become the city’s visiting card.

Among the famous people born in Krasnoyarsk are artist Vasily Surikov, opera singer Dmitri Hvorostovsky, biathlete Evgeny Ustyugov, skeletonist Alexander Tretyakov and ice-hockey player Alexander Semin.

In 2019 Krasnoyarsk will proudly host the XXIX Winter Universiade.

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