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A Safer House

Scientists of the School of Engineering and Construction of Siberian Federal University have found out how to improve the protection of buildings from the penetration of soil radon and make them safer. They proposed a technology for reducing the radon permeability of cement concretes and mortars that are used in floors.

Typhoons Make Trees Grow Faster

An international scientific team, which included a researcher from Siberian Federal University, have studied the mechanisms of adaptation of Northeast Asian forests to more frequent tropical typhoons. It turned out that under global warming, typhoons have a severe impact on the reforestation process and will be of increasing importance in the future.

Histories restaurant opens its doors

Histories restaurant, launched by the School of Gastronomy, SibFU, welcomes first visitors. SibFU’s staff and students, as well as citizens and guests of Krasnoyarsk can enjoy Hors D’oeuvres specialty, salads, main courses, and desserts at affordable prices on campus.

Siberian Federal University plans to expand cooperation with Uzbekistan

On March 11, 2021, a delegation of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan headed by Timur Rakhmanov, the Consul General of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Novosibirsk, visited Siberian Federal University. During the business meeting, they disscussed expansion and development of existing Russian-Uzbek relations in the scientific and educational sphere.

New material, new effect: aluminium in nanoplasmonics

Scientists of the International Research Center for Spectroscopy and Quantum Chemistry, Siberian Federal University, have reported about the possibility of suppressing backscattering of light (the so-called Kerker effect) when electromagnetic radiation interacts with plasmonic material in the form of a two-dimensional array of aluminium nanoparticles. The work was published in the top-rated international journal Physical Review B of the Nature Index group.

SibFU through Russian House

The Department for International Cooperation continues to acquaint foreigners with Siberian Federal University. More than a hundred applicants from Mongolia and India learned about educational programs, the university’s infrastructure, the Siberian cultural life and the scholarship programs of the Government of Russia.


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