The fifth PhD SibFU defense took place in SibFU

November 29, 2016 the defense and conferring of the PhD SibFU degree in Physics and Astronomy took place in Siberian Federal University. Evgeniya Kovalyova, the post-graduate of the School of Non-ferrous Metals and Material Science of SibFU, was conferred the degree.

"In my thesis, I conducted a theoretical study of changes in the electronic structure of fullerenes and nanotubes when interacting with ferromagnetic substrates using quantum chemical methods. Application of the methods of quantum chemistry allows both predicting the structure and properties of new materials, and supplementing and clarifying of the experimental data. Different combinations of nano-objects and substrates were examined during the work. The spin density distribution in these systems was analyzed, — said Evgeniya. The defense of the thesis in English is a wonderful experience of presenting my work to the scientific community. Some of the questions asked allowed me to outline the direction of further work within this subject".

"First of all, public defense forms English-speaking environment and the brand of the University. The fact that the online broadcast was organized allows us to invite famous scientists in this particular area," - Sergei Ovchinnikov shared his opinion, the member of the Dissertation Council, Deputy Director for research of the Kirenskiy SB RAS Institute of Physics.

The Dissertation Council included:

  • Chairman — Vice-Rector for Research and International Cooperation Sergei Verkhovets, SibFU.
  • Associate Professor of Chemistry, Nagoya University (Japan) Stephen Irle, PhD (online);
  • Associate Professor of the University of Nevada in Reno (USA) Sergey Varganov (online);
  • Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics, Head of the Laboratory of theoretical modeling of new materials of the Technological Institute for Superhard and Novel Carbon Materials (Moscow) Pavel Sorokin;
  • Cand. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics, Head of the Laboratory of nonlinear optics and spectroscopy of SibFU Sergey Polyutov;
  • Cand. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor of the Department of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry of SibFU Alexander Kuzubov.

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