SibFU students from Jamaica defended their first course projects

December 14, 2016 the Jamaican students from the group ЦМ16-10Б defended their first course projects in Computer science at the School of Non-Ferrous Metals and Material Science.

Twenty five Jamaican students became winners of the competition for the scholarship program sponsored by "RUSAL". The first six months young people have studied the Russian language, and this summer they passed entrance exams in the School of Non-Ferrous Metals and Material Science.

Students from Jamaica have different Major Subjects, and a group of future metallurgists is the largest with 10 people studying metallurgy of the 25 students. During the work on the course projects, young people studied the text editors and developed a complex document, which describes the process technology of a given metal, and also prepared the explanatory note using the application program.

Associate Professor of the Department of Automation of Technological Processes and Production in Metallurgy Tatyana Dontsova: "The students are really motivated to learn. Of all the students, they considered the task most responsibly and coped with it at the exactly appointed time, — said Tatiana. — Despite the fact that the main challenge at this stage for the Jamaican students remains language, all of them tried to defense their works in Russian".

In January, the Jamaican students are going to have their first exam in Computer Science.

Press Office of SibFU,

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