SibFU athletes became medalists of the international competition

Siberian Federal University Curling teams won silver and bronze medals in the first Russian-Chinese student festival of winter sports, which took place from December 27, 2016 to January 3, 2017 Harbin (China).

SibFU women’s team comprised of Anna Venevtseva (School of Business Management and Economics), Anna Grushevskaya (School of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism), Natalya Rudakova (School of Business Management and Economics) and Anastasia Gorbatko became silver medalists. SibFU men's team comprised of Pavel Samoilyk (Law School), Alexander Grushevsky (School of Ecology and Geography), Vladislav Vinglinsky and Peter Triandafilidi won bronze.

“Our participation in international competitions — is a completely new experience, and the matches were exciting. The opposing team has shown a decent level of play, so we really had to fight for the silver medal. The team of volunteers organized a very warm welcome and helped us in everything” said Natalya Rudakova, a member of the SibFU women's curling team.

One hundred students from China, Russia and Poland took part in the international competition. The event was organized by the Department of International Exchange and Cooperation of Ministry of Education in China, Chinese sports association of students and Harbin Institute of Physical Culture.

Press Office of SibFU,

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