Taiwan delegation visited SibFU

January 17, 2017 the representatives of Taiwan Ministry of Health visited Siberian Federal University. The visit of the delegation was a part of the official visit to Krasnoyarsk to assess the possibilities of the Siberian Federal Research and Clinical Centre FMBA of Russia and to negotiate the international APEC symposium.

The delegation included Deputy Minister of Health of Taiwan Ho Chi-Kung, Director General of Department of Medical Affairs Shih Chung-Liang, director of the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare's Office of International Cooperation Hsu Ming-Hui and others.

The guests visited the laboratory of biotechnology of the new biomaterials, where they saw the work of the scientists in the development and creation of biopolymers, visited the research library and met with the university administration. From the SibFU part the meeting was attended by the Vice-Rector for Economy and Development Pavel Vcherashny, the Vice-Rector for Research and International Cooperation Sergei Verkhovets and representatives of the university administration.

After the meeting, Deputy Minister of Health of Taiwan Ho Chi-Kung pointed out that he was surprised by the relatively young "age" of the university: "In just 10 years, you’ve done a lot, including the scientific field. We found interesting the scientific developments of the scientists of the University in biomedicine, I think that our cooperation is potentially possible. As well as in the field of education — by returning to Taiwan, I'll try to find people who are interested in the student exchange".

"The university is a partner of the FMBA in a series of biomedical research and is ready to support the initiative of the agency to carry out the symposium. In addition, we are interested in expanding educational and scientific cooperation with Taiwan ", —said the First Vice-Rector of SibFU Pavel Vcherashny.

Press Office of SibFU,

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