Scientists of SibFU Helped to Carry Out Project for Special People

The scientists of the School of the Humanities of Siberian Federal University took part in creating the "Open Boundaries" project initiated by Surikov Art Museum.

The project won the international grant competition "The Orthodox Initiative" launched by the Fund for Support of Humanitarian and Educational Initiatives "Sorabotnichestvo". The aim of this project is to overcome the difficulties preventing people with disabilities from being fully involved in the world of culture.

As a part of the "Open Boundaries" project, a sensor table and audio guides were installed in the Iconography Hall. Special equipment and content for people and children with limited abilities will provide them with an opportunity to attend lectures and participate in workshops.

At the presentation of the "Open Boundaries", Vladimir Luzan, the Director of Surikov Art Museum and the Associate Professor of the Department of Advertising and Socio-cultural Activities of the School of the Humanities, mentions that the museum constantly works with their special visitors: "For several years we’ve been concluding gratuitous contract with the centers of social services for disabled people and orphanages. And surely our special visitors show great interest in our permanent exhibition of the icons".

Metropolitan Panteleimon of Krasnoyarsk and Achinsk, who also visited the presentation, expressed his sincere gratitude to the Ministry of Culture of Krasnoyarsk Krai as well as to the museum itself for their efforts in promoting eternal values, spiritual ideals and beauty.

The SibFU experts designed the project and will maintain the new equipment. They will also consider the comments and suggestions of the museum visitors for the further development of the project.

Besides, the special visitors of the museum will be able to have a look at how restoration of icons is being implemented and, what is more, try to create their own icon.

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