Mehndi Contest

Event date:

Event place: 76Д Svobodny pr

Mehndi (Hindi: मेहंदी, Urdu: مہندی) is the art of painting hands or feet, or the body, with a paste made of dried henna leaves. Mehndi art has been popular in the Asian and Arabic countries for almost two millennia…and if anything its popularity is only increasing. The event will take place at 6 PM next Tuesday, on March, 27 at the Museum of Pop Science (4 fl., Dormitory 22, Svobodniy, 76D).

Guests and participants will be able:

  • learn history and traditions of the henna designs in the introductory lecture by Dr. Syed Baker, SibFU’s Research Scientist and Associate Professor from India;
  • try out Mehndi techniques and tricks with Tatiana Verminskaya, local Mehndi artist;
  • listen to Indian music and get to know our international community.

You can register as a participant until March, 25 through this online form.

Be sure you’re following International Support Office VK page for the updates.

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