SibFU and international audit and consulting company KPMG invites students to an open seminar on Financial Economics

Event date:

Event place: L. Prushinskiy St., Building 2, room 4-20

SibFU and KPMG invite high school students and graduate students to an open seminar on financial Economics. Tim Bayona (San Francisco, USA) will give a positive view of business opportunities in Siberia and the Krasnoyarsk city.

Language: Russian, English (sequential translation is organized)

For whom the workshop: high school students, undergraduate and graduate students interested in Economics, Finance, Financial law, Mathematics, Computer science, even if they have not yet studied these subjects at university.

What participants will get:

  • Future students evaluate the strategy of obtaining a globally recognized financial education in SibFU;
  • Current students will know how to make a successful career in the corporate or private economy sector working in a well-known international audit and consulting firm.

The program of the meeting:

  • “Audit and Consulting: what are they?” lectured by PhD, associate professor of SibFU O.Goryacheva;
  • “Career in KPMG, vacant positions in Krasnoyarsk” KPMG presentation of KPMG HR-manager Ekaterina Makarova and HR-specialist Tatiana Barabash;
  • Qualifying testing for participation in the KPMG Audit Cup case-championship;
  • Entrepreneurship in Siberia: A Positive Look at Krasnoyarsk - a presentation by Timothy J. Bayona (San Francisco, USA);
  • Announcement of SibFU&KPMG collaborative seminars on audit and consulting services.


KPMG is one of the world's top four audit and consulting firms together with PwC, Deloitte and E&Y. The company is ranked of the TOP -100 best US employers according to Fortune magazine, including internal training of employees in the system of the British professional certification of ACCA as well as the system of certification of auditors in Russia. Around the world the company has 189,000 employees, providing services to the corporate sector in the field of audit of financial statements, tax, management, risk-based consulting and business restructuring.

Tim Bayona is a special guest of the workshop, partner and co-owner of Image Events/Image Events Worldwide, General Manager of International Paper Corporation, Arvey Paper Division, USA

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