Biological Engineering: 2 years have passed

Nargiza Hamzaeva and Santiago Palacious — have been living and studying here in Krasnoyarsk for the past 2 years. During this time they have experienced a lot: Russian winter, Winter Universiade 2019, summer internship in Baikal, world pandemic, online defense of their Master’s thesis and much more.

Santiago (from Equador) shares his experience about living in Siberia for 2 years: “My experience in general at the Siberian Federal University after two years of study is very positive and I recommend it to anyone interested in doing a postgraduate degree course in this university, since it has elite teaching staff, laboratories and facilities that stand up to any American or European University; and I am very grateful to all the teachers, friends, and colleagues that I had the pleasure to meet here.

While studying at the Siberian federal University I learned a completely new scientific field for me - bioluminescence with professors and colleagues of an elite level in the academic field, and in the personal field, I discovered the soul, heart and kindness of the natives of the Siberian region. My conclusion here in Siberia is that I could observe the warm hospitability and enriched culture of Russia which only a few come to know.

The program met my expectations and I am very satisfied and happy as I learnt a lot and grew professionally. Moreover, I had unconditional support of my classmates and in my faculty in this specialty. Apart of my studies, I could visit amazing places like the Lake Baikal in the summer internship program.

The city of Krasnoyarsk impressed me from my first time here as I could visually experience a stunningly beautiful and imposing nature and withstood the glittering Siberian winters. Overall, in my opinion, it is a very nice city, friendly with foreigners and a very affordable place for students to realize their dreams.

My future plans are to continue with my PhD studies here as I am satisfied and happy with the university and the city. Further, I wish to continue the project I began in Spain for a joint work of the research Institute of biomedicine at the hospital San Pau of Barcelona in Spain and the Siberian Federal University, my doctoral research topic will be the investigation of the cancer tiraoides within the line of research of the professor Eugenia Mato Matute. I wish to thank the SibFU lecturers of our dear faculty for their the unconditional support in this project, in particular Professor Irina Egorovna Sukovataya and Professor Valentina Alexandrovna Kratasyuk.”

We don’t have a comment from Nargiza Hamzaeva as she is quite busy these days because she is going to publish two articles based on her work.

A comment from programme leader Valentina Kratasyuk: „At the start we were very worried for these students, partly because they were the first international students at this programme and partly because Krasnoyarsk is located almost in the middle of Siberia and climate conditions here are quite different from their native countries. In addition, you can’t say for sure how an international student would react to these changes and to the different study system. Now we can say for sure that we are ready for any challenges that may arise with international students and we know that our research and education curriculum are at the high professional level. The success of the first graduates means the success of the entire staff of the Department.“

A comment from the head of International Educational Programes Irina Sukovataya: „Now we offer several Master programmes that we fully taught in English. Moreover I would like to mention that students have a lot of possibilities for their personal and educational development within the chosen programme. For instance, they can participate in exchange programme and spend a semester in one of our partner universities in Europe.“


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