SibFU names the best international student | Siberian Federal University

SibFU names the best international student

Timurlan Iskandarov, a master's student of the School of Business Process Management of Siberian Federal University, was awarded as the best foreign student of the year according to the results of the regional stage of the Student of the Year — 2020 Russian national award, where 101 students of universities, technical schools, and colleges competed for the honorary award.

At the distant stage, the students presented their achievements in educational, scientific, sports, creative, and social activities, the in-person stage included writing a dictation, a solution to a case, and a storytelling self-presentation. Now the winners will take part in the all-Russian distant stage, and the best in individual nominations will receive the youth award.

“The competition was not particularly difficult. I have already taken part in similar projects and was able to apply my work and student experience in solving cases. Now there is a selection for participation in the competition at the federal level, I believe there will be no troubles and I will be able to present SibFU at the proper level,” said Timurlan.

The third among the best international students was Ekaterina Burnashova, a student of the School of Engineering and Construction, SibFU.


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