SibFU scientists create a unique stand for checking the quality of transport packing | Siberian Federal University

SibFU scientists create a unique stand for checking the quality of transport packing

Specialists of Siberian Federal University helped to create and test a unit for checking samples of container and packaging products. The Krasnoyarsk Center for Standardization and Metrology ordered the work.

The authors of the idea had a task of creating the universal, but small-sized unit, which imitates side shocks and falls. Such equipment, due to the efficient use of the testing laboratory area, can reduce the cost of the tests themselves. At the same time, the unit can be used for testing both cardboard, plywood, wooden boxes and bottle products, containers for liquid and bulk materials, construction bags. It took six months to implement the idea.

“We decided that the area of the test equipment should give its maximum performance. Now you need to purchase two expensive units to determine the physical and mechanical parameters of transport packing: one for lateral impact loading and the second for impact during free fall. But this is not all, even to test the same shock load, several standard sizes of equipment will be required, since they have restrictions on the carrying capacity of the test sample - for small and large-sized goods. When creating our unit, we took into account all the nuances, and we are introducing a truly unique, universal equipment to the market,” says Yuri Pikalov, associate professor of the Department of Standardization, Metrology and Quality Management, Siberian Federal University, test engineer of the Krasnoyarsk CSM.

According to the results of state certification, the equipment was acknowledged as reliable and put into operation by the CSM Test Center.


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