Emotional Marketing to be Taught in the School of Gastronomy | Siberian Federal University

Emotional Marketing to be Taught in the School of Gastronomy

The School of Gastronomy, Siberian Federal University, launches a new academic program in Emotional Marketing in the Hospitality Industry. Students will learn the tools of new marketing and promotion of the hotel and restaurant business.

The program aims to train new marketing specialists in HoReCa. Graduate students will have the opportunity to delve into marketing analytics or marketing communications.

In addition to original courses by the lecturers and masterclasses by invited speakers on marketing, omnichannel communications, branding, and new marketing opportunities, the School also plans to develop new courses tailored for the students’ request.

This program is notable because the students will consolidate their theoretical knowledge in practice: 50% of the training takes place in restaurants and organizations of the HoReCa industry, in full-cycle marketing and branding agencies, including international internships. The program partners are Bellini group, Denis Ivanov restaurant group, and Sidorin Lab marketing agency for reputation management (Moscow).

Professor Lyudmila Yushkova, the head of the academic program, notes that implementing this program leads to reforming the traditional Employer-University-Business relationship. “The analysis of the hotel and restaurant industry showed that it lacks full-cycle marketing specialists who have the knowledge and skills to work with marketing tools and are deeply immersed in the restaurant environment. Our specialists will be able to work as marketing and brand managers in the HoReCa industry,” Ms Yushkova noted.

The enrollment for the program will be announced in the 2021/22 academic year. There will be 25 fee-paid places. A tuition fee is 74,860 roubles per semester.


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