Deputy Consul General of Germany visits SibFU | Siberian Federal University

Deputy Consul General of Germany visits SibFU

On February 11, 2021, the Permanent Deputy Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in the city of Novosibirsk Katrin Ebeling visited Siberian Federal University. During the business meeting, the parties discussed the expansion of Russian-German relations in the research and educational sphere, the opportunities of cooperation with research and educational organizations of the Federal Republic of Germany.

“2020–2021 will be the Year of Germany in Russia. The coronavirus pandemic has left its mark on its program: some of the events had to be postponed, others were transferred to online. But this does not affect the meaning and content of bilateral contacts — they still reflect the mutual respect and interest of the countries in each other,” said Ms Ebeling in her welcoming speech.

The meeting was attended by Anna Mezit, head of the Department for International Cooperation, Lyudmila Kulikova, director of the School of Philology and Language Communication, Maria Dulepova, head of the German Language Center, representatives of the Law School, the School of Business Management and the School of Economics, Finance and Public Administration.

“Representatives of absolutely different institutions shared their experience of cooperation, talked about points of contact, each has its own history of interaction with Germany, various projects and international summer schools, double degree programs that are widely known outside Russia — the representatives of SibFU have definitely succeeded in this,” said Anna Mezit. “Now, in the context of a difficult epidemiological situation, it is important for us to maintain the already established contacts and expand cooperation in new modern formats.”


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