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SibFU answers questions about studying

On February 12 and 16, 2021, representatives of Siberian Federal University held FAQ session for applicants from Japan and Argentina about studying at the university.

Irina Shkurina, director of the Japanese Centre of Siberian Federal University, held an online presentation of the university at the Rossotrudnichestvo office within the framework of Study in Russia project for applicants, students and representatives of Japanese universities. This project is timed to coincide with the Year of interregional and sister-city exchanges between Russia and Japan.

On the side of Siberian Federal University, the meeting was also attended by senior teacher Seo Yamato, and student of the School for the Humanities Masaki Murakami. They told listeners interested in studying in Russia about the opportunities for international students to study at Siberian Federal University, about the university, curricula, campus, as well as Krasnoyarsk and its sights.

“Study in Russia project aims to promote the export of Russian education, arouse interest in learning the Russian language, particularly among young Japanese, and promote the establishment and development of direct ties between universities and municipalities of the two countries,” said Irina Shkurina.

The Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Buenos Aires and SibFU held a joint online meeting where they presented the opportunities of attending degree courses in Russia for free within the framework of the state scholarship program of the Government of the Russian Federation. Anna Mokrishcheva, SibFU international admission specialist, told about the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, the Russian language courses offered by the university, and also answered questions from viewers of the broadcast.

In his turn, Brian Corrales, a student from Columbia, who is now at the master’s degree program at the School of Petroleum Engineering, shared his impressions of life and study at Siberian Federal University. He said that he, like other representatives of Latin America, used to have stereotypes about Russia. “There are several prejudices about Russia: Siberia is cold all year round. This is not the case. Often the temperature in summer reaches +30 degrees. The second is that bears roam the streets here. I found out that this was not true. And third is about the Russian character. We think that Russians are very severe, we do not know the language, and they seem to be shouting at us, but they are not. A Russian person first gets to know you better, and then opens to you.”


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