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SibFU through Russian House

The Department for International Cooperation continues to acquaint foreigners with Siberian Federal University. More than a hundred applicants from Mongolia and India learned about educational programs, the university’s infrastructure, the Siberian cultural life and the scholarship programs of the Government of Russia.

On March 5, 2021, Siberian Federal University and representatives of the Russian Center for Science and Culture in New Delhi organized a presentation of programs and opportunities for Russian education. During this online meeting, employees of SibFU’s Department for International Cooperation introduced the university to applicants and answered their questions.

On March 12, 2021, Siberian Federal University was presented in Ulan Bator. The meeting was chaired by Andrey Uzhva, head of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Center and International Recruitment at Siberian Federal University. The event was attended by representatives of Rossotrudnichestvo in Mongolia, senior pupils interested in studying in Russia, and their parents.

“We are expanding cooperation with Rossotrudnichestvo offices abroad — with the so-called Russian Houses, which are centres for the dissemination of Russian culture and knowledge about our country outside Russia. Since the last summer, this work has been regular and systematic and has been included in the organizational activities to attract foreign applicants. We tell about the university’s educational programs, campus infrastructure, and prospects. The most important thing in such meetings for an applicant is the opportunity to ask a representative of the university any question that interests them. Thus, in Mongolia, two classes of applicants and their parents gathered for the meeting. In India, they were especially interested in procedures related to documents. The main thing for us is that SibFU has begun to strengthen relations with Rossotrudnichestvo offices outside Russia; we are preparing to sign an official agreement with them,” said Anna Mezit, head of the SibFU Department for International Cooperation.


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