Siberian Federal University receives the first guests under the student tourism program | Siberian Federal University

Siberian Federal University receives the first guests under the student tourism program

On 15 July 2021, Siberian Federal University launched a national student tourism program. Students travelling in Russia during summer vacation can stay at the SibFU campus on special conditions until August 25. The first participants in the program were Irkutsk State University students Arina Zhaglova, Ekaterina Efanova and Ksenia Kazakova, who shared their impressions of the trip.

Arina Zhaglova is a student at the Department of Physics at ISU: “Now the student tourism project is developing very actively, and I decided to use this opportunity since a lot of cool universities participate in this movement. And I am glad I've joined the program as it is truly an interesting and useful thing.”

“I really love the campus. The space was created for students and for their comfortable life indeed. Since we won't stay in Krasnoyarsk for much time, I would like to see all the famous sights and take a walk along the embankment,” said Ksenia Kazakova, a student at the Humanitarian and Aesthetic Education Department, ISU

Ekaterina Efanova, a student of the International School of Economics and Linguistics, notes that SibFU has one of the most developed infrastructural campuses: “The campus is really impressive, with its scale, content, and versatility. It seems like a mini-town for students, where they managed to create all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay. I believe that Siberian Federal University and Krasnoyarsk deserve to be on the list of must-see cities.”

In total, 15 regions, the most attractive for travelers, participate in the pilot program: from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. The initiative on new opportunities for student tourism was voiced in the spring in the message of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly.


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