Students of the School of Gastronomy to make edible dishes | Siberian Federal University

Students of the School of Gastronomy to make edible dishes

Students of the School of Gastronomy of Siberian Federal University have become winners of RUSAL's Green Wave grant competition in the Green Initiative nomination. As part of the grant, they will develop a technology for the production of edible tableware from local raw materials — a variety of Siberian apple, carrot and beet.

According to the development team leader, assistant professor of SibFU Natalia Grigorieva, these raw materials were not chosen by chance. It is apple, carrot and beet that are grown by many Siberian residents at their dachas, and have a very affordable price in stores and markets. Therefore, dishes made from such vegetables and fruit are inexpensive to manufacture. Tableware is prepared with the addition of a mucilage from seaweed and guar gum, and allows storing not only solid, but also liquid products, however, no more than 10 hours. This tableware is convenient for outdoor trips and as a replacement for plastic disposable plates. You can eat the edible utensils yourself, feed squirrels, gophers or other animals at a picnic, or simply dispose of them. It decomposes naturally and very quickly.

In addition to developing the technology for self-cooking of edible dishes, students will have to promote it and form the foundations of green behaviour among Krasnoyarsk residents. It is planned that this technology will be popularized in kindergartens and schools in Krasnoyarsk by volunteers in ecology or chemistry lessons.

Such lessons, according to the developers, will help in fostering environmental responsibility in people from early childhood.
The developers do not rule out that the production of edible tableware may be of interest to environmentally responsible businesses in the field of public catering.

Students of the School of Gastronomy will start developing edible tableware in September. The end of the project is scheduled for December.


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