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SibFU Archaeologists Demonstrate Unique Antiquities of the Yenisey Siberia

The Laboratory of the Yenisey Siberia Archaeology (Siberian Federal University) has exhibited the unique findings from the Stone Age to the New Age discovered during many years of research into taiga and forest-steppe from Boguchany to Krasnoyarsk.

According to the exhibition organizers, many archaeological materials are presented for the first time.

“We demonstrate the unique materials from the recent excavations near the Summer House of the Bishop in Krasnoyarsk, Dom Otdykha settlement, Pinchuga burial ground near Lesosibirsk (3 items), the monuments on the banks of the Kazachinsky rapids on the Yenisey near Boguchany (6 items), as well as previously unexplored excavation site of Prospikhinskaya Shivera IV burial ground near Kodinsk,” said Margarita Vdovenkova, junior research fellow, Archaeology and Ethnography Sector.

The visitors can see the antiquities of Lesosibirsk, Tsepan, Nizheporozhinsk and Shilka archaeological cultures. Among the relicts, there are arrowheads used on the territory of the Yenisey Siberia and underwent serious transformations from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages, mosaics of the Yenisey taiga cultures of the early Iron Age, glass beads from China and Afghanistan, bronze jewellery from the Volga region. The exhibition presents typical weapons of a taiga warrior – massive iron cleavers, spears, armour-piercing arrowheads and horn bows.

“What is more, the exhibition covers the afterlife concepts of the beginning of our era. The Pinchuga-6 complex is the largest burial ground of the Great Migration Period in the Yenisey taiga. Studying this monument allowed us to reconstruct the elements of the funeral rite of the population of the Angara banks in the III-IV centuries AD. Over the last two years of fieldwork, the researchers found 16 burials on an area of about 700 sq. m. Weapons, household items, jewellery, dishes were found in the graves. All these things were necessary for the deceased in the afterlife,” added Margarita.

The exhibition also provides extensive descriptions and 3D models prepared by the Laboratory of Digital Humanities (School for the Humanities, Siberian Federal University).

The Archeology of the Yenisey Siberia exhibition will be open in the new exhibition zone of the Museum of Siberian Federal University (5 ul. Borisova) until December 15, 2021.


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