The digital map will make the prediction of air pollution level possible

SibFU scientists have developed a digital terrain model of the city of Krasnoyarsk and its larger metropolitan area. It can predict the spread of emergency situations of anthropogenic origin and natural disasters. The model will make it possible for experts to assess the potential of the air basin over Krasnoyarsk (the volume of the atmosphere, which determines the conditions for the distribution of pollutants under various meteorological conditions).

New method to study semiconductor nanoparticles

Scientists of Siberian Federal University and Kirensky Institute of Physics of the SB RAS have applied a new method for studying nanoparticles from cadmium and tellurium. They used the peculiarity of this compound that its interaction with light varies depending on magnetic field. Indicator, information and service portal devoted to science, wrote about the research. The paper with the results was published in the journal Physics Letters A.

Scientists of SibFU have established new properties of vanadium nitride

Scientists of Siberian Federal University predicted the possible existence of two new two-dimensional metastable forms of vanadium nitride: t-VN and h-VN, which have strong ferromagnetic properties. The predicted structures have prospects in creating low-dimensional spintronic nanodevices of a new generation. The results of the study are published in "Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters".

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