Results of an autumn event Green Project SibFU

153 students and employees of the University took part in the annual environmental event Green Project SibFU. With the help of volunteers from the SibFU Voluntary Center and student teams 6,100 kg of wasted paper, 71 kg of plastic, and 28 kg of batteries were collected.

Winners of SibFU Postdoc Fellowship Program

The results of the SibFU Postdoc Fellowship Program (Wave 2) were announced at the meeting of the commission headed by the Rector of SibFU, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Eugene Vaganov on August 3, 2017. Eighteen people from India, Pakistan, Egypt, Switzerland, Belarus and Russia applied for the positions of university researchers.

Scientists of SibFU got the first batch of eco-friendly pitch

The team of scientists obtained the first batch of alternative binder for self-baking anodes in the production of aluminum — ecological pitch. Works on developing technology for obtaining a unique product are conducted in the School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering in cooperation with the Engineering and Technology Center of RUSAL and with the support of scientists from the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of the SB RAS.

Scientists of SibFU will make trees grow faster

Scientists of Siberian Federal University created a fertile surface layer of soil in the laboratory — a biomass that will significantly simplify and accelerate the process of reclamation in disturbed lands, including northern territories, where the biological stage of reclamation is greatly hampered by considerable remoteness and inaccessibility, severe climatic conditions and hydrothermal regime of soils.

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