Professor of SibFU to coordinate work of SETAC in Siberia

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, a leading researcher of the Institute of Biophysics of Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor of Siberian Federal University Nadezhda Kudryasheva was elected to be the coordinator of the Siberian regional branch of the international environmental society SETAC.

Taiwan delegation visited SibFU

January 17, 2017 the representatives of Taiwan Ministry of Health visited Siberian Federal University. The visit of the delegation was a part of the official visit to Krasnoyarsk to assess the possibilities of the Siberian Federal Research and Clinical Centre FMBA of Russia and to negotiate the international APEC symposium.

SibFU named most cited university in Russia

Siberian Federal University, along with the National Research University — Higher School of Economics, named most cited University in Russia in 2016. The information was released by Clarivate Analytics, formerly the Intellectual Property and Science business of Thomson Reuters, which focuses on Science and Intellectual property.

The fifth PhD SibFU defense took place in SibFU

November 29, 2016 the defense and conferring of the PhD SibFU degree in Physics and Astronomy took place in Siberian Federal University. Evgeniya Kovalyova, the post-graduate of the School of Non-ferrous Metals and Material Science of SibFU, was conferred the degree.

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