Siberian Federal University to mark its first anniversary

Siberian Federal Unniversity will soon mark a year since four Krasnoyarsk institutions of higher education merged to create a new, stronger university. The merger received official recognition from the Russian Ministry of Education and Research on 28 November, 2006. This day marks the start of a new Siberian university.

Historical Dance Ensemble involves students in performing early dance in Krasnoyarsk

The Krasnoyarsk Centre of Culture and Education hosted the annual costume ball of the Historical Dance Ensemble on 24 November. The student collective tries to promote European dance from the 12th to the 19th centuries. Valentina Pasechnikova, the ensemble head and a student from Siberian Federal University, says: «Our goal is to promote an alternative to night club dancing. Early dance is beautiful, elegant, refined and graceful».

University students won the first prize at a city competition

First year students from Siberian Federal University won the first prize at the city competition of student theatrical performance and sketch comedy. They competed against the representatives of seven institutions of higher education located in Krasnoyarsk. The students were charming, intelligent and funny. They performed one of the best sketches during the event, a short comedy made of a French song.

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