Univerisity student wins bronze award at World Cup in Sports Climbing

Galina Terentyeva, a second-year student from the Polytechnic Institute, Siberian Federal University won the bronze award at the 19th World Cup for Speed in Sports Climbing held in Chamonix from 12 to 13 July 2007. Galina's coach is Yu.L. Zhuravleva, Department of Physical Education, the Polytechnic Institute of Siberian Federal University.

Universities Partnership Agreement Signed at Sochi Investment Forum

Siberian Federal University and Southern Federal University signed a partnership agreement at Sochi Investment Forum This partnership will effectively use combined intellectual, human, financial and material resources to achieve the goals set by the Russian government and by the programmes of the universities’ development for 2007-2010. Several projects and initiatives were outlined in the agreement.

University football team successfully starts new academic year

The nineteen-member university football team won the national student championship held in Saransk from 8 to 15 September.

The team’s coaches, Associate Professor N.N. Zheleznov and Senior Lecturer S.V. Smirnov teach at the university’s departments of physical education and they hope that their students will further contribute to the university’s sporting achievements.

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