Call for SibFU Postdoc Fellowship Program

Siberian Federal University (SibFU) calls for an open selection for the SibFU Postdoc Fellowship Program. The purpose of the program is to encourage young researchers with PhD Degree (or Candidate of Sciences degree) to contribute to the University research and education activities. Postdoctoral fellows shall conduct their scientific research under the supervision of SibFU leading scientists.

SibFU has signed a cooperation agreement with Harbin

October 13, 2015 Siberian Federal University and the Office of Foreign Experts Affairs of the city of Harbin (China) signed a cooperation agreement which provides for the university training in the fields of economy, science, technology and culture for the Heilongjiang Province.

The first PhD viva voce was held at SibFU

The first PhD thesis defend in the field of biology was held on 22nd September, 2015 in Siberian Federal University. The first holder was a young researcher Olesya Kolmakova. She has done her research into species composition analysis of saproplankton in the Yenissei river-basin with the help of molecular genetic methods and with experimental investigations of their biometric functions.

Japanese exchange students visited SibFU

A delegation of 15 students learning Russian in 13 universities of Japan paid a visit to SibFU from 9th to 11th of September. During their joint program with SibFU students, the visitors gave origami and calligraphy workshops, talked about using Japanese paper in the past and modern days, and led discussions on such topics as “stereotypes about Russia”, “my career” and the like, where everybody could have their say.

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