I Meeting of the International Advisory Council

25-26 August 2016, I Meeting of the International Advisory Council of SibFU at the Congress Hall of Siberian Federal University. It was established as a part of the 5top100 Project to support the international activities of the University for the period of time untill and after 2020.

SibFU PhD Research Grant

Siberian Federal University extends selection for SibFU PhD Research Grant in: Biophysics, Optics and Quantum Chemistry, Urban Design and Planning, Metallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals, Metal Forming, Multidimensional Complex Analysis.

Scientists identified patterns of colonization of woody plants by leaf-eating insects.

Patterns of settlement of non-native woody plants, which are atypical for Siberia, by the insect, as well as the prospect of the use of botanical gardens to assess factors affecting the intensity of the colonization of plants by the insects are the objects of the joint research by the scientists from Russia and Switzerland. The results were published in the international scientific journal Oecologia.

SibFU biologists have learned to type bones

The team of scientists of Siberian Federal University is working to create bone structures from polyhydroxybutyrate — fully biodegradable material, synthesized by microorganisms with the use of 3D-prototyping and computer tomography. These products can be used for the high-tech treatments.

Sea corals helped scientists detect tick-borne encephalitis

Scientists from the Institute of Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Siberian Federal University, together with the colleagues from Novosibirsk developed a rapid test method for detection of tick-borne encephalitis. Krasnoyarsk scientists have created a biosensor based on the luminescent protein of the soft coral Renilla muelleri to detect the virus effectively.

SibFU will offer scholarships for the PhD SibFU program

On June 1, 2016 Siberian Federal University launched a competition to study on the SibFU PhD program. Currently, the official website has booklets of the six programs for a period of study of 3 to 4 years: "Biology", "Metal Forming", "Non-Ferrous Metallurgy", "Multidimensional complex analysis", "Optics and Quantum Chemistry", "Urban design and planning. " Upon completion of the study, young scientists will be able to defend their thesis and receive the SibFU PhD degree.

SibFU scientists describe the properties of new materials that can increase operating speed of your computer

A group of scientists of Siberian Federal University suggested making materials that are used for the production of spin transistors based on the new composite, which will constitute the substrate of iron and molecules of C60 sprayed on it. The work of scientists describes the behavior of the C60 fullerene on the surface of iron and emerging properties of the composite. It is assumed that in the future such materials can be used in spintronics.

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