Russia and European Research Area, Executive. RUSERA.Exe; Supporting the Russian participation in EU-RTD Programmes»

Project Code: 
European Commission
FP6: 6th Framework Program

Russian Association for Engineering Education (Russia)
Prof. Yuri P. Pokholkov
RAEE President (Moscow, Russia)
Tel./Fax: +7 (382) 242-14-78

Members (besides SibFU): 

Bureau for International Research and Technology Cooperation (BIT) / Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG/EIP, Austria
Regional Information Centres:
Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University
Samara State Aerospace University
Belgorod Institute of Economics and Engineering
Tambov State Technical University
Bryansk State Technical University
Stavropol State Agrarian University
Kursk State Technical University
Ulyanovsk State Technical University
Pskov Polytechnic Institute
Mordovan State University
Vyatka State University
Penza Technological Institute
Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Construction
Dagestanian State Technical University
Kazan State Technical University
Murmansk State Technical University
Tula State University
Orenburg State University
Moscow State Institute of Radiotechnics, Electronics and Automation
Don Technical University
South Ural State University
Omsk State Technical University
Tyumen State Oil and Gas University
Altai State Technical University
Novosibirsk State Technical University
Krasnoyarsk State Technical University
Ural State Forestry Engineering University
Far East State Technical University
Ukhta State Technical University
Irkutsk State Technical University
Chita State Technical University
Amosov Yakutsk State University
Far East State Agrarian University
Kuzbas State Technical University
Khakas Technical Institute – Affiliate of Krasnoyarsk State Technical University
Tomsk Polytechnic University
East Siberian State Technological University (Ulan-Ude)

Head (in SibFU): 

Lyudmila A. Komarova
Deputy Head of Department of International Affairs
Krasnoyarsk State Technical University
Tel./Fax: +7 (391) 249-74-34

Project Objectives: 

Carrying out Information Days on RTD European Programs in 37 regions;
- Establishing the data base of Russian regional R&D organizations eligible to participate in joint Russian European projects;
- Launching the Web-site of the Project;
- Developing at least 37 would-be Russian – European consortiums. Submitting at least 13 funding applications on different FP6 projects;
- Carrying out INCO-Fairs: 50 Russian scientists and 30 researchers from EU and associated countries will come to Moscow to participate in INCO-Fair devoted to priority INCO areas;
- Establishing the net of 37 Regional Information Centres (RIN) on the base of the existing net called Regional Offices of Russian Association for Engineering Education. Senior management of the regions approved the establishment and activities of the Regional Information Centres till the end of the RUSERA project.

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