Research Profile

Number of schools 20
Total number of staff 7 860
Number of academic staff 3 450
Number of students 34 000

Siberian Federal University is the largest research and educational institution in Eastern Siberia, Russia. As one of the country's largest universities, we offer a diverse range of taught programs coupled with excellent research.

In our globalizing world universities have to face growing, intense competition, both in research and teaching. To maintain and further strengthen our excellence in research SibFU has selected 14 focus research areas, most of them with a strong multidisciplinary focus. These areas offer opportunity for first-class fundamental research, but they are also strongly linked to key issues prevalent in modern national and international societies. In the coming years, our University will do its utmost to facilitate excellent research, to stimulate multidisciplinary collaboration in these focus areas with the leading institutions on a regional, national, and international scale.

Focus Research Areas

  • Biotechnology of new materials
  • Biogeochemistry of Eurasian ecosystems
  • Bioluminescent biotechnologies
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Multidimensional complex analysis and differential equations
  • Engineering physics
  • Chemistry of new materials and materials science
  • Ecology, natural resource and environmental studies; Climate change
  • Dendrochronology, Tree-ring analysis and modeling
  • Sustainable urban development in harsh climate
  • Geological survey, Geotechnology
  • Architecture, urban construction
  • Contemporary issues of indigenous minorities of the North and Siberia
  • Russian language studies

Research Laboratories

  • Laboratory of Biotechnology and New Materials (Prof. Tatiana Volova)
  • Laboratory of Bioluminescent Biotechnologies (Prof. Valentina Kratasyuk)
  • Laboratory of Forest Genomics, Genome Research and Education Centre (Prof. Konstantin Krutovskiy)
  • Laboratory of Complex Analysis and Differential Equations (Prof. Ari Laptev)
  • Laboratory of Ecosystem Biochemistry (Dr. Natalia Koshurnikova)
  • Laboratory of biological effects of low intensive factors (Prof. Vladimir Zakhvataev)
  • Laboratory of Non-linear Optics and Spectroscopy (Prof. Sergey Polyutov)
  • Autoclaving laboratory (Prof. Natalia Belousova)
  • Laboratory of Geo-Mechanics and Geo-Technology of Solid Mineral Deposit
    Exploration (Prof. Alexander Kosolapov)

  • Laboratory of dispersed and nano-structured solid, colloid and viscous materials (Prof. Alexander Bezrukikh)
  • Laboratory of Complex Geographic Research (Prof. Galina Yamskikh)
  • Laboratory of Natural Resources and Sustainable Economy (Prof. Eugenia Zander)
  • Research Educational Center for Contemporary issues of indigenous minorities of the North and Siberia (Prof. Vasiliy Nechaev)

More about the labs

Sources of R&D Financing 2015, mln. rubles

Total: 887.2 mln. rubles

Source Financing, mln. rubles
Federal budget 231.9
Regional budget 25.3
Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation 75.9
Business entities 554.1


Year Web of Science Scopus
2012 223 272
2013 254 313
2014 292 418
2015 319 475

Scientific Achievements

2014 2013
Siberian Federal University 4.11 3.97
TOP-20 Universities 3.99 3.87
TOP-10 Universities 4.35 4.16
TOP-3 Universities 4.40 4.40
Federal Universities 3.24 3.45
Classic Universities 2.14 1.99
National Research Universities 3.07 2.89
Universities — Grants Recipients 4.39 4.08
Technical Universities 2.15 2.20
Average among all participants of the ranking 2.12 2.16

(according to the data by RAEX, Expert RA Group of Rating Agencies)

Innovative Activity

2014 2013
Siberian Federal University 3.84 4.24
TOP-20 Universities 3.27 3.30
TOP-10 Universities 3.73 3.74
TOP-3 Universities 4.02 3.70
Federal Universities 2.65 2.87
Classic Universities 1.84 1.79
National Research Universities 2.69 2.66
Universities — Grants Recipients 3.34 3.31
Technical Universities 2.06 2.11
Average among all participants of the ranking 1.92 1.97

(according to the data by RAEX, Expert RA Group of Rating Agencies)


  • Dr Sergey Verkhovets, dia [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru
    Vice-Rector for Research and International Cooperation.

  • Dr Aleksey Romanov, AARomanov [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru
    Deputy Vice-Rector for Research and International Cooperation.

  • Ms Vera Upirova, VUpirova [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru
    Deputy Vice-Rector for Research and International Cooperation.

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