Internet Access | Siberian Federal University

Internet Access

The University provides unlimited access to inner information resources and the Internet both for students and faculty.

100 % of dormitories have broadband Internet, Wi-Fi network covers 90 % of SibFU campus.

You can connect to the Wi-Fi network using the corporate account (login and password), that is also allows to get access to different information systems of the University.

Network settings

Network Name, SSID: students
Network authentication: WPA2 Enterprise
Data Encryption: AES
Authentication: PEAP
Authentication Method: MSCHAPv2

Certificates are not used. VPN is not needed Internet-access.

Support service — support [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru.


Вы можете отметить интересные фрагменты текста, которые будут доступны по уникальной ссылке в адресной строке браузера.