Vacancy announcement for the position of Vice-Rector for Economic Education — Dean of the School of Economics and Management


  • higher professional education in Economics;
  • at least 10 years of service record in scientific and educational work, managerial (administrative) work in higher educational institutions;
  • degree of Doctor of Economics (or PhD) and academic title;
  • publications in journals indexed in international and Russian citation indexing services (Web of Science, Scopus, RSCI, etc.), with h-index not less than 8.0;
  • foreign language skills (please, indicate your level);
  • experience in international activities (please, submit the supporting documents);
  • membership in expert councils in federal authorities subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science and / or the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation;
  • experience in project activities.


  • taking part in definition of goals and strategies for the development of economic education at the University;
  • developing the School strategy, ensuring its systematic interaction with the University management, structural divisions, employers, state and executive authorities, education management bodies, organizations, institutions, enterprises;
  • coordinating activities of the educational and scientific subdivisions which are part of the subordinate institutions with specialized economic disciplines;
  • managing the development and implementation of a motivation system for academic and administrative staff in order to retain the best scientific and pedagogical staff in the subordinate institutions;
  • building conditions for innovating, forming and implementation of the subordinate institutions' staff's initiatives which strive to improve the work of the structural subdivisions and improving the quality of economic education, maintain an auspicious morale in the team.


From 100 000 RUR per month depending on the appointee’s qualifications and experience. Employment benefits will be provided by university.


To participate in the selection, please kindly provide the following:
  • an application addressed to the rector of the University about admission to the selection;
  • a copy of your passport;
  • copies of the documents certifying higher education, award of an academic degree (or PhD), and a scientific title;
  • a copy of the employment record;
  • a list of publications in international scientific journals;
  • motivation letter;
  • an essay;
  • letters of support;
  • other documents confirming your experience in international and project activities, membership in expert councils of federal authorities subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science and / or the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.
Please, submit your documents to the Department of Social Policy and Staff Development, SibFU, office P6-09, 79/10, Prospekt Svobodny, Krasnoyarsk, tel. +7 (391) 206-39-26, e-mail: Submission deadline: July 31, 2017

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