Protocol Office | Сибирский федеральный университет

Protocol Office

  • invitations and visas
  • receiving foreign delegations
  • migration registration
  • statistics, analysis, reporting and information support of activities in the field of international relations of SibFU
  • provision of information to foreign organizations in accordance with official inquiries about the authenticity of educational documents received at SibFU
  • assisting the university departments in organizing and holding international events
  • organizing the reception of foreign delegations
  • interaction with the state authorities on issues regarding the stay and migration registration on the territory of the Russian Federation of foreign citizens arriving at the university
  • keeping and update of databases and provision, upon written request, of information on issues of international cooperation, including the use of international telecommunications
  • analytical review of the international activities of the university

Head of office: Natalia A. Anisiferova
Phone: +7 391 206-39-44
E-mail: anisiferova [at]
Address: pr. Svobodniy, 79/10, room Б1-03, Krasnoyarsk, 660041 Russia

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