PhD Program (in English) “Finance and Banking” | Siberian Federal University

PhD Program (in English) “Finance and Banking”

The PhD Program in finance and banking is aimed at two target groups of potential candidates:

The first group is made up of local Russian graduates and specialists of all ages who are eager to get the honourable higher education doctorate degree at the high-ranked and reputable Russian university. It's particularly suitable for those who are targeting at academic development for personal or professional reasons, as the programs is based on blended and e-learning methods, rather than traditional styles of learning which commonly require a personal visit.

The second group are students and specialists from countries with transitional economies and who cannot afford to live abroad for a long time and thus would prefer, for personal or professional reasons, to study according to the blended learning methods, and not according to the traditional approaches requiring a regular personal visits to the institution.

Why an Online Doctorate Program in Finance and Banking?

Nowadays, two main actors have changed and built up a different pattern for higher education; both the digital revolution and the global society drew amazing climb towards a new academic hub, a dynamic and high-tack centre of culture in which tradition and innovation merge in a new University identity characterized by internationalization and digital innovation.

SibFU, with the best up-to-date courses, high-quality professors and academia staff, competitive facilities and infrastructure, has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to reach the highest quality of higher education offer.

A University forward-thinking approach could allow worldwide students to benefit from such a commendable learning pathways. The Russian tradition of higher education will be the backbone of a winning process towards an innovative and global competitive university identity. A PhD Program in Banking and Finance could become a pilot venture to confirm Siberian Federal University as one of the core actors of current international academia revolution.

Prof. Gianfranco Antonio Vento

Full Professor of Banking and Finance at Regent’s University (London, UK) and at Guglielmo Marconi University (Rome, Italy)

Director of the Centre for Banking and Finance of the Regent’s University and former member of the Academic Senate.

Telephone: +39 (393) 133-92-56
E-mail: gianfranco [dot] vento [at] uniroma1 [dot] it

He used to deliver training courses and/or consultancies for the following institutions: International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Central Bank of Nigeria, National Bank of Rwanda, Central Bank of Tanzania, Central Bank of Afghanistan, Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan, Bank of Italy, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, Central Bank of Seychelles, MixMarket, Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation, European Union, Italian Banking Association, Argentinean Banking Association, Italian-Latin American Institute, Belize Credit Union League, The Microfinance Association, Asian Institute of Finance, UN Habitat, International Organisation for Migration, and many commercial banks worldwide. He is also member of the Board of Statutory Auditors of 2 banks and a venture capital firm in Italy.

Key Publications


  • Leone, P., Vento, G.A. (2012). Credit Guarantee Institutions and SME Finance, Palgrave Macmillan, London.


  • Banking in Latin America, Palgrave Macmillan, London (forthcoming).
  • Vecchio, G.C., G.A. Vento (2011). The Financing of Eco-compatible Investments: The Global and Latin America Experience, Fondo Editorial Edicon, Argentina (in Spanish).
  • Vento, G.A. (2011). “Recent Trends in Microfinance Industry: Regulation, Supervision, and the Principles of the Basel Committee”, in Microfinance Regulations for Development: Global Experiences (edited by I. Rahman and L. Rashid), The University Press Ltd.
  • Vento, G.A., Agnese, P. (2011). “Guarantee Institutions and credit to Smes: Mutual Guarantee Societies in Argentina”, Bancaria, n. 1/2011.

December 2011:

  • Credit Guarantee Institutions and SME Finance, Palgrave Macmillan, London (Co-author: Paola Leone).

March 2011:

  • The Financing of Eco-compatible Investments: The Global and Latin America Experience, Fondo Editorial Edicon, Argentina (co-author: Gisela Vecchio).
  • “Recent Trends in Microfinance Industry: Regulation, Supervision, and the Principles of the Basel Committee”, in Microfinance Regulations for Development: Global Experiences (edited by I. Rahman and L. Rashid), The University Press Ltd., 2011.

November 2010:

  • “Interbank Market and Liquidity Distribution during the Great Financial Crisis: the e-MID Case”, Journal of Money, Investment and Banking, Issue 18, November.

July 2010:

  • “Interbank Market and Liquidity Distribution during the Great Financial Crisis: the e-MID Case”, in New Issues in Financial Institutions and Markets (edited by F. Fiordelisi, P. Molyneux and D. Previati), Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

Prof. Irina A. Yankina

Head, Basic department of Sberbank of the Russian Federation Siberian Federal University

Phone: +7 391 221-22-45, +7 913 509 39 26
E-mail: IYankina [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru

Research interests: Money, credit, banks in the modern economy

Key Publications

  • Organization of commercial activities in the market infrastructure textbook M.: INFRA-M, 2018 .-- 537 p.
  • Money, credit, banks. Practicum textbook М. :КNORuS, 2016. — 192p
  • Monitoring the financial and economic condition of the region as a condition for the development of institutions of quality economic growth (monograph) Sib.feed. University, Institute of Economics, Ex. And nature management. - Krasnoyarsk: Siberian Federal University, 2016 .-- 158 p
  • Market risk management methodology in enterprises of the non-financial sector (article) Scientific Review. - 2015. - -No. 17. - S. 361-365.
  • The Impact of Mega-Financial Cycles on Banks' Credit Activity (article) The International Scientific and Practical Congress of Economists and Lawyers “Always ahead facing the unknown”, professional scientific publication, - ed.dep .: Geneva (Switzerland, Minsk (Republic of, - Basel (Switzerland), Odessa (Ukraine), St. Petersburg (Russian Federation), Basel, Switzerland, October 9, 2014. –P.283 (S.150-154)
  • Analysis of the operational risk exposure of commercial banks in Russia (article) Finance and credit. - 2016. - No. 3 (675) January. - S. 17 - 28.
  • Financial security of enterprises: the need for a systematic approach and the participation of banks (article) Banking law. - 2016. - No. 1. - S. 43-49.
  • Credit money in the modern economy and the problem of implementing the reproductive function (article) International research journal "Advances in Modern Science" 2016. - No. 7. - Volume 3. P.117-119
  • Prospects for the use of cryptocurrency in Russia as a payment Economics and entrepreneurship. - 2016. - No. 10-1 (75-1). - S. 890-894
  • Operational HR-risk in the bank: management aspects today (article) Trends and problems in the Russian economy: theoretical and practical aspects Materials of the All-Russian Conference with international participation. - Irkutsk, Baikal State University March 23, 2017 - P.268-274.
  • Reasons restraining the development of the corporate bond market in Russia: regional aspect (article) Economics and entrepreneurship. - 2018. - No. 9. - S. 412-416.
  • Calculation of total factor productivity SV Solodovnikov, IA Yankina Innovative development of modern science " XV International scientific and practical conference 2019. - No. 10. - S. 112-118.
Duration: 3 years
(this period can be shorter depending on the availability of a PhD thesis)
Language: English
Entry requirements: Master’s degree in Economics, Management, Finance, Banking, an adequate level of English proficiency (certificate or other document)
Tuition fee: € 3,000. The cost does not include accommodation and living expenses.
Accommodation: On-campus accommodation is available: single ensuite room €45 per month, twin ensuite room € 30 per month.
Practicalities: Airport transfer, invitation letter for a Russian study visa and an optional survival course of Russian as a foreign language are provided by the University.

The individual work of a student implies ongoing academic research activity of gathering and sampling required data, modelling, analysis, writing papers on the founding for publications in international journals as well as regular cooperation with the research supervisor who can help to overcome any hurdles and assist in all the activities.

Presentation of a scientific report on the main finding of the dissertation are arranged for the end of the last year of the Program and implies online webinars with the board of professors as well as personal visits.

A new online and affordable PhD program, through a distance and blended learning methodology, will ensure:

  • International participation (worldwide students' admission);
  • International didactics (worldwide professors and industry representatives);
  • High flexibility of delivery (video lessons and webinars could be accessible from any device connected to internet such as smartphones, PCs, Tablets etc.);
  • Students' International Community platform will be created to integrate video lessons and webinars in order to exploit collaborative learning achievements (online discussions, forums, individual and group tutorials, individual and group case study analysis);
  • Webinars, focusing on relevant specific financial topics could be attended from local and international outsiders (professionals, business actors, graduates of other faculties) maximising the earnings of the training sessions, outsider's fees could integrate the low admission rate. Open webinars, at the same time, will represent an excellent promotional strategy;
  • Finally, distance learning, will reduce both management and fee costs.
Course Time spent in CREDITS (in academic hours)
Basic courses
History and philosophy of science 3 (108)

Foreign Language 6 (216)

Banking research project seminars 8 (288)

Global perspective on finance and banking 3 (108)

Foundations of Research methodology 2 (72)

Econometrics 2 (72)

Pedagogy and Research Assistantship 3 (108)

Optional disciplines
Financial corporate responsibility and ethics 3 (108)

Financial Markets 3 (108)

Social impact finance 2 (72)

Fin Tech 2 (72)

More information

Please contact our Department of Highly Qualified Personnel Training

e-mail: aspirantura [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru
phone: +7 391 291-28-31
fax: +7 391 291-28-31
address: 79 Svobodny pr., room P6-16, Krasnoyarsk, 660041 Russia


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