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About Siberian Federal University

One can hardly find a place in Russia with such an impressive number of implemented national projects as in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Our most focused “development points” have been determined in industry, power engineering and energy, research and education. Siberian Federal University, as a response to regional developmental challenges, was established in 2006 to train highly qualified specialists capable of working in any region of our country, including severe conditions of the Northern areas.

The University was founded by merging 5 major Krasnoyarsk institutions of higher education. Among the members of the University Board of Trustees there are representatives of large companies, politicians and scientists.

Mission Statement

The mission of the University is to create an advanced education, research and innovation infrastructure and to promote new knowledge and technologies to meet the challenges of social and economic development of the Siberian Federal District, as well as to form the human resources potential — competitive experts in the priority areas of the Siberian and Russian Federation development, corresponding to the modern intellectual requirements and meeting international standards. More

SibFU in figures

  • 22 schools and 3 regional branches.
  • Over 31,000 students (half of whom come from all over Russia, including 741 overseas students).
  • Over 700 post-graduate students.
  • 7 860 employees, 3 450 teachers, 420 Professors and Doctors habil.
  • 151 study programs (Bachelor & Master).
  • 121 doctoral programs in 18 fields of study.
  • 29 on-campus dormitories.
  • 7 400 million RUR University profit in 2014.
  • About 50 sports clubs in over 31 kinds of sport.
  • About 100 creative and artistic student clubs.
  • 70% of graduates get employed in the field of their major.

Booklet «SibFU: Facts & Figures» (.pdf)

Positions in the rankings

SibFU is recognized at the global and national levels:

  • SibFU is in Top 1001+ of Times Higher Education (THE) ranking;
  • The University holds 601-800 positions in two rankings by subject: Physical Sciences and Engineering and Technology;
  • It is ranked 801-900 in Three University Missions (Moscow International University Ranking);
  • SibFU is in Top 500 universities in Europe 2019 of U.S. News Best Global Universities.

Among Russian universities:

  • SibFU is in the Top 25 best universities of the Russian Federation according to the following ranking agencies:
    • RAEX;
    • Interfax Information group;
    • Superjob Alumni Salary Ranking.
  • According to Forbes Best Russian Universities ranking, SibFU is a talent factory for the region and the future elite of Russia.
  • In RAEX ranking, SibFU is in the Top 20 best universities of the Russian Federation according to the employers’ demand for graduates.


The university campus in Krasnoyarsk includes 30 dormitories, 24 study buildings, a building accommodating the library and the university administration offices. A University Assembly Hall is to be put into operation in 2015.


Krasnoyarsk has been nominated as the host city for the Winter Universiade in 2019. The Universiade Village will be located at the University campus which is favourably close to the main winter sports venue Academy of Winter Spots. The Universiade infrastructure is partly in place, while the following facilities are yet to be built by 2018:

  • a multifunctional sports centre;
  • a first-aid medical centre for athletes;
  • a complex of residence halls “Universitetsky” (three 18-storey buildings);
  • a complex of residence halls “Perya” (“Feathers”) (four 17-storey buildings).

Structure and management

Eugene A. Vaganov has been the Rector of Siberian Federal University since its beginning. In 2017, Vladimir I. Kolmakov was appointed to a position of an Acting Rector of SibFU. On 30 July 2019, the position of an Acting Rector was taken by Maksim V. Rumyantsev.

The President of the University is Alexander V. Uss, Full Professor of Law, Board Chairman of Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk region.


University branches:

  • Lesosibirsk School of Education — SibFU Branch
  • Sayano-Shushenskiy Branch of SibFU
  • Khakassian Technical School — SibFU Branch

Library and publishing complex

Library and publishing complex serves as an invaluable information source for the educational process and scientific research and includes the following subdivisions:

  • Scientific library Access to 25 leading international scientific databases which comprise over 50 million e-documents including 22,000 international research journals. The library is equipped with high-tech facilities (computer, projection and audio equipment).
  • Publishing centre All kinds of editing and publishing activities: publishing books, professional editing of manuscripts (editing, layout, galley), promoting University-published editions, contracting booksellers, participating in all-Russian and international book fairs and competitions, presenting the University in international libraries (including electronic ones), publishing research articles of the University faculty, as well as educational and methodical materials.
  • Polygraphic centre High-quality duplication of the University’s scientific, educational, reference and other materials and blank sheets for its subdivisions, provides offset, digital and risograph printing, print-on-demand, prepress and design services of any printed goods and cased books.

Site of the Library and Publishing Complex


SibFU provides unique opportunities for both research and education. Since the university foundation its material and equipment base has been enlarged 5 times due to special-purpose investments.

The SibFU research analytic Common use center “Knowledge-intensive research and analytic methods of new mineral raw and and nano-materials”, which is the infrastructure element of the university innovative system, allows to handle massive cross-disciplinary problems in the field of hi-tech.

The University possesses:

  • a supercomputer, one of “Top-50” most high-performance computers in Russia;
  • a space data receiving centre and a centre of seismic prospecting;
  • an observatory fully equipped with a weather station and a lunar-planetary camera;
  • a complex of equipment for physical and chemical research;
  • biotechnological, clinical and biological, nanotechnological and electronic laboratories.

For the purpose of providing international recognition to the research conducted by faculty and staff, postgraduate and Ph.D students a project of publishing an own scientific journal has been launched. “SibFU journal” is a peer-reviewed journal consisting of five thematic series: “Humanities and Social Sciences”, “Mathematics and Physics”, “Biology”, “Chemistry”, “Engineering and Technologies”. The articles are published both in Russian and English.

One of the most important university activities in the field of innovations is the foundation of small enterprises aimed at the transformation of the new knowledge into the new products, which is a modern and opportune field for Russian universities. SibFU founded over 40 small innovative enterprises in the fields of technologies, consulting and services.

A number of publications by the SibFU staff in international journals has risen 4 times since the foundation of the University, and the amount of awarded grants has turned 6-fold. The pure research profit of the SibFU in 2006 was approximately 126 million rubles, while in 2014 it reached 530 million RUB.

Five international laboratories function at the University:

  • SibFU laboratory of bioluminescent technologies led by the Noble Prize winner in chemistry Prof Osamu Shimomura, Boston University Medical School, MA, USA;
  • Laboratory “Biotechnologies of new materials” coordinated by leading scientist Prof Dr Anthony J. Sinskey, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA, USA;
  • Central Siberian laboratory of global climate changes “Sib-Lab” coordinated by Prof Dr Christiane Schmullius, FSU University Jena, Germany;
  • Laboratory of genomic research led by Konstantin V. Krutovsky, leading scientist, Professor of Genetics at University of Göttingen (Germany) and the head of the laboratory of Forest genetics and genomics in Texas, USA;
  • Laboratory “Multidimensional complex analysis and differential equations” led by Ari Laptev, a famous expert in spectral theory of differential equations and complex analysis, Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and Imperial College London.

International collaboration

There are 143 MoUs and MoAs on international cooperation between SibFU and universities from 34 countries, as well as 7 programs accredited by European Council on Business Education.

There are 350 international students of all levels (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral and Internship programs) from 23 countries currently studying at SibFU. The largest numbers of students come from China and CIS countries – Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Other students come from Nigeria, Ecuador, Vietnam, Australia, etc. Exchange students from Germany, Japan, Czech Republic and Spain come on a regular basis.

In 2018 SibFU employed 30 international teachers and hosted 200 visiting Professors and experts from 27 countries of the world who came to hold lectures and seminars, coordinate projects, etc. The list includes Hernandez Esteve Paula Victoria (Spain), Wang Xinfeng (China), Christoph Deininger (Germany), Tetsujiro Ishii (Japan), Samuel Novakovsky (France), Jerzy Barglik (Poland), Lupi Sergio (Italy), and many others.

In the same year 120 SibFU students studied abroad under grant programs and participated in seasonal scientific and language schools. 85 students took part in internship programs.

Culture and lifestyle

The university annually hosts more than 200 cultural events. One of the biggest is the Day of Knowledge in the SibFU, the event which aim is to welcome all freshmen. The best artistic teams from the SibFU and invited world-class stars perform on the stage of the main university building during this event.

It has become a tradition in the university to organize a show-competition "Proshu Slova" (Let me speak), in which freshmen from all the SibFU’s schools take part. The task of each team is to present performances consisting of creative and comical rounds. The winners get the chance to represent the SibFU at the city’s competition "Proshu slova" between the universities of Krasnoyarsk.

Another annual festival of the SibFU "Novaya Vesna" allows students to express themselves in all genres of performing arts. The competitions take place between presenters, reciters, bands, singers and dance groups. There are also nominations for art songs, solo musicians and student’s theatres.

KVN (Club of cheerful and quick-witted) League of the SibFU is the biggest university league in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. There are about 25-30 teams participating in it every season. The graduates of the League represent the city in many regional and central leagues of the KVN.

There are about 100 artistic groups at the university: singers, dancers, actors. They are the following:

  • Vocal studio "Queen’s Land" (the best vocal group of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the winner of the All-Russian Student’s Spring);
  • Youth Theatre Studio "Shlagbaum";
  • Club of bard song writers "BomBARDirovshchiki";
  • Dance Theatre "Calypso" (constant winner of regional, All-Siberian and international competitions);
  • Folk Dance Ensemble "Razdoliye" (winner of XII Delphic Games in Russia and VIII Delphic Games of the CIS countries 2013, winner of the Grand Prix at the international contest-festival "Veselaya raduga").

Sports life

The SibFU sports infrastructure includes 3 fitness centers, 2 sports complexes equipped with swimming pool, 3 stadiums and football pitch with artificial turf, 3 ski bases, 13 sports halls, 4 stadiums, as well as 10 sports rooms in the residence halls.

During their study, students of all Schools take a mandatory physical training course at the School of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism. The students are free to choose any sport if they pass a pre-test on the chosen course. In addition, students are engaged in sport sections with 31 types of sports to choose from. Every year the university hosts over 250 sporting events.

Among the students currently studying at the university are:

  • Evgeny Ustyugov, the two-time Olympic champion, prize-winner of the World and Europe championships, honored Master of Sports in biathlon;
  • Mingiyan Semenov, a bronze winner of Olympic games, honored Master of Sports in Greco-Roman wrestling;
  • Vladislav Antonov, a silver prize-winner of Olympic games, repeated winner of the national championship, honored Master of Sports;
  • Aleksandr Denisiev, a silver winner of Olympic games, repeated winner of the national championship, honored Master of Sports;
  • Aleksandr Menkov, a world champion, bronze winner of the world championship, champion of Europe, current recordholder in long jump, honored Master of Sports;
  • Nikita Melnikov, a winner of the world championship in Greco-Roman wrestling, winner of the world championship, national champion, honored Master of Sports.

The university teaching staff include:

  • Olga Medvedtseva (Pyleva), a twice Olympic champion and sixfold world champion in biathlon, honored Master of Sports;
  • Nazir Mankiev, an Olympic champion, silver prize-winner of Europe championship in Greco-Roman wrestling, honored Master of Sports in Greco-roman wresling;
  • Aleksey Shumakov, an Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling, honored Master of Sports in USSR.

University media

The university issues:

  • Scientific Journal of the SibFU;
  • University newspaper "New university life";
  • Newspaper "Siberian Forum. Intelligent dialogue ";
  • Newspaper of primary trade union organization of SibFU "University means us";
  • "Ermak 3.0" Journal;
  • "Ecology of Language and Communicative Practice" Journal;
  • Scientific Journal of School of Philology and Language Communication “Siberia Lingua”;
  • Students’ newspaper of School of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering “Oil Times”;
  • KVN League of SibFU newspaper «Backstage».

Students are working in the production university laboratory "Television of SibFU" which provides information not only for their own broadcasting network but also for individual projects and programs on Krasnoyarsk channels: "Yenisei", KGTRK and federal channel “Prosvescheniye” (Education). In addition, there is a campus radio "PI-FM" in SibFU and students’ news agency that cover different university events.

SibFU mascot

An orange squirrel, shaped as the letter U for University, has become an easily recognizable mascot. The majority of students believe a squirrel is the best association with Siberian Federal University since it is friendly and open, mobile and prudent, and it is a hard worker, just like a SibFU student working hard in gaining knowledge and developing skills.

The goal of Siberian Federal University is to become a Centre of Excellence in innovation and technology, a world-class human resources training centre. Positive changes that have taken place in the past three years allow assuming that the goal is certain to be achieved.

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