School of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology | Siberian Federal University

School of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology

Director: Vladimir V. Shishov


Address: 79 Svobodny pr., Room 32-13, 660041 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

E-mail: bio_info [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru

If you want to know about biosphere and human, to understand laws of nature and solve issues of interrelation of biosphere and human mind, welcome to our School.

We conduct research in the sphere of world-class top-rated fields, namely in the field of biophysical technology and biotechnology.

During studying students master various disciplines that are divided into different cycles: humanitarian, economic and social cycle, natural science and mathematical cycle, profession-oriented cycle (biodiversity, cytobiology, physiology, genetics, evolution, biology, human biology, biotechnology, etc.). At the same time students are actively involved in sport life of the University and improve their professional skills during practical trainings and internships.

First year students undertake a summer practical training in botany, zoology, and ecology in Krasnoyarsk Territory. In addition, they study foreign language within profession-orientated subjects.

In future you will have a chance to become:

  • A genetic consultant. Genetic consultant usually works in diagnostic centres, conducting primary genetic and planned analysis, providing an expert opinion, analyzing data, identifies hereditary diseases and tumor markers, and consults about treatment.
  • A bioinformatics specialist. In case of atypical progress of a disease, a Bioinformatics Specialist (Clinical Analyst) creates a model of biochemical processes of the disease, in order to determine underlying causes, and reveals deteriorations at the subcellular and cellular level.
  • A city farmer is a specialist working with urban agricultural complexes growing food on rooftops and walls of skyscrapers in large cities.
  • An IT geneticist. This specialist works in the field of genetic programming meeting desired parameters, cures hereditary diseases and other genetic problems.
  • A specialist in system biotechnology replaces traditional solutions with new products of biotechnology in different spheres, i.e. diesel fuel is replaced with biofuel, and cement and concrete — with construction biomaterials, etc.
  • A space biologist explores and monitors behavior of various biological systems in outer space, i.e. on planetary stations and spacecrafts. This specialist studies physiology and genetic variation of living organisms, develops sustainable cosmic ecosystems for orbital station, lunar bases, and space travelling.
  • An architect of living environment designs and develops closed cycle technology with genetically modified organisms, including bioreactors, urban systems of food production, etc.

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