School of Engineering Physics and Radio Electronics | Siberian Federal University

School of Engineering Physics and Radio Electronics

Director: Andrey V. Minakov

Web-site: (in russian)

Address: 26 Kirensky st., Room Б-225, 660074 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

E-mail: dir_efir [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru

School of Engineering Physics and Radio Electronics was founded in 2008. It was formed after merging Department of Physics (Krasnoyarsk State University) and Departments of Radio Engineering and Physical Engineering (Krasnoyarsk State Technological University). There is a large number of highly qualified professionals working in the School, 115 candidates of sciences and 40 doctors of sciences, among which are 50 professors, 2 corresponding members of Russian Academy of Sciences, 55 senior lecturers and assistants lecturers and 100 assistant professors.

We use modern equipment for research and education processes in such areas as Physics of Solid Body, Physical Material Studies, Medical and Laser Physics, Astronavigation and Astronomy, Nanotechnologies, Physics of Magnetic Phenomena, Radio Electronics, and Radio Physics. Student Design Bureau operates within Scientific and Educational Centre “Radio Engineering”.

Educational process is performed in close interaction with Krasnoyarsk Territory high-tech enterprises and Institutions of the Academy of Sciences.

We actively carry out research in applied and fundamental sciences, with many research projects, being performed by our faculty and senior students, funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, and other Russian state and private funds.

Combination of applied research in the field of hi-tech industries and basic science is the main feature of the School. Faculties develop educational programmes so that students can be easily involved in practical and scientific activity from basic disciplines to internships on the leading enterprises of the region.

In future you will have a chance to become:

  • An analyst of aircraft exploitation data. A specialist working with data processing and preparation of expert reports based on Low Earth orbit space and aircraft condition.
  • A small aircraft production engineer. A specialist on development and design of software and interface for unmanned aerial vehicles, who is responsible for navigation systems, security and support for drones.
  • A space engineer. Designer of facilities in the outer space environment (space stations on asteroids and the moon, Low Earth orbit space terminals).
  • A designer of “smart environment”. Specialist that develops engineering solutions for “smart environments” (environments that combine “intellectual” components, such as chips, and composite materials with the ability to respond to user commands) i.e. development of given properties, environment conditions characteristic, selection of composite material, environment integration into house space (manufacture, office), user-friendly interface development and security settings, etc.
  • A nanotechnology engineer. Specialist who works in such areas as robotics, mechanical engineering, construction, medicine, etc. and replaces traditional solutions with ones based on composite materials. This professional deals with life cycle forecasting for nanotechnological materials and properties modeling with the help of digital models. These engineers are highly skilled programmers with deep knowledge in nanochemistry and nanophysics.

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