School for the Humanities | Siberian Federal University

School for the Humanities

Director: Andrey A. Gruzdev

Web-site: (in russian)

Address: 82A Svobodny pr., Room A-460, 660041 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

E-mail: hi [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru

School for the Humanities is an innovational research and educational subdivision, which foundation lies upon social and humanitarian knowledge, informational technologies, knowledge of Art and culture, and methods of natural sciences.

School for the Humanities has got modern technical and research base that provides an opportunity to carry out up-to-date interdisciplinary projects in such areas as History, Document Science, Philosophy, Art and Anthropology, Advertising, Cultural Studies and ensures quality of Humanitarian education.

With their broad scope of knowledge, graduates of the School for the Humanities are in-demand in various fields, first of all, by commercial and state organizations dealing with culture.

Education and Science are the most prospective areas for the School graduates (Ethnography, History, Philosophy, Archeology and Art Studies), along with analytics of socio-cultural and business processes, organization of art galleries and exhibitions, museum and exhibition services, consulting, protection of heritage, IT in social and cultural sphere.

In future you will have a chance to become:

  • A developer of media product, whose sphere is development of content (stories, characters, conflicts, educational content, problems) and services for certain means of mass media (games, TV shows etc.), and setting the relations between them (harmony of a characters’ image and interrelation of events happening to them).
  • A moderator for users communities, who organizes on-line forums for users, builds up dialogue with product developers of the company for development of product line, ensures their loyalty (for instance by organizing lotteries, contests etc.). This will become one of the key professional specializations for marketing experts.
  • A mediator of social conflicts. This specialist helps resolving disagreements or conflicts, arising between various social groups on the grounds of religious, cultural, national or wealth differences.
  • A manager of IT projects. The domain of this specialist is communication with IT-users, promotion of new solutions within the groups conservative about Hi-Tech, along with teaching people to use new programs and services to lessen the digital ignorance of population.
  • A manager for cross-cultural communication is responsible for support of documentation in foreign languages, and monitoring company’s content to avoid misunderstanding in people of different culture (for example, at creating advert slogans), who is also involved into teaching the company’s staff to convey the meaning in a foreign language, explains cultural peculiarities of a foreign partner and advices the company top management on business practices in foreign countries.
  • A foresighter. A specialist, analyzing new trends in society.

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