School of Architecture and Design | Siberian Federal University

School of Architecture and Design

Director: Eugene A. Zykov

Web-site: (in russian)

Address: 82 Svobodny pr., building 6, Room 5-29, 660041 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

E-mail: iad [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru

School of Architecture and Design provides a diverse range of majors. Although they may seem to be unrelated to each other, things are just the other way round: all of the majors are vital for creating a comfortable environment for life.

The main task for an urban planner is to assist a city in creating (or preserving) its unique image. To solve this problem one has to comprehend the city’s nature, hidden in history of its development. So knowledge in architecture only is not enough — ecology and economy, hygiene and sociology, management of urban services and facilities, and transport should also be an area of expertise for an urban planner. Urban development is the highest and most sophisticated domain of architecture.

  • An architect creates environment where we study, work, live. And every architectural facility in a city, presenting an example of real architecture, has got its unique nature.
  • Design of architectural environment presents complex organization of object-spatial environment on the basis of universal urban solutions and project methods of design in synthesis with architecture.
  • Design stands for project artistic and technical activities aimed for production of industrial goods with high consumer and aesthetic value, for formation of object environment, graphic design, design of furniture and fashion design.
  • An artist fills the city, house, apartment or office with artistic, sculptural or decorative works.
  • A teacher of Art brings art to our children at schools and hobby centers.

Becoming a student at School of Architecture and Design means that hard work and joy of creative findings are for you, and a great voyage through all historical eras and architectural styles is waiting for you.

During the course of study you will master mysteries of creativity, learn the laws of graphic composition and graphic language.

In future you can become:

  • An architect. A qualified specialist, who professionally designs (design of architectural environment), including design projects for buildings, design of interiors and planning solutions.
  • A designer of digital and analog editions. A specialist on makeup of web resources using specialized markup languages (HTML 5 etc.) and layout of analog publishing products with professional graphic applications (Adobe in-Design, Corel Draw).
  • A designer. A specialist involved into artistic and technical activities in various areas, (designer, designer of poster and other advertising graphics, illustrator, web-designer).
  • A designer of virtual worlds. An expert in creation of conceptual solutions for virtual world including laws of nature and society, philosophy, rules of social intercourse and economy, architecture, landscape, senses (scents, sounds, active feedback), living and social world.
  • A 3D designer. A specialist on 3D modelling of landscape design objects, pieces of furniture, clothes etc., made of base components available, and using special software.
  • A project engineer for composite and nanomaterials architecture. A specialist organizing architectural environment with predominant use of composites and nanomaterials, (aerographite, super-hydrophobic materials etc.)
  • A designer of 3D printing in construction. A specialist in the area of design and making architectural models and building structures using 3D technology.

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