School of Philology and Language Communication | Siberian Federal University

School of Philology and Language Communication

Director: Lyudmila V. Kulikova


Address: 82A Svobodny pr., Room 2-60, 660041 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

E-mail: info_ifiyak [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru

Fields of studies and majors: journalism, philology, linguistics

Our School is internationally-oriented. There are educational institutions from Spain, China, Japan, Gerany, Korea and other countries are among our foreign partners.

We use different methods for effective education. We are creative and advanced in use of technologies such as computer and language labs.

If you enjoy reading Russian and foreign literature, if phrase “the modern Russian language may be on the verge of a nervous breakdown” is interesting for you, if you know the reason why linguists smile when they encounter the name Ferdinand, if you want to attain depth, wisdom and intricacies of Oriental languages, immensity of the English language, pragmatism of the German Language, glamour of the French language, and temperament of the Italian language, — join us!

There are three departments in our School:

  • Department of foreign languages with its atmosphere of dynamic language and cross-cultural communication;
  • Department of philology, where you can attain fundamental education on the field of Literary science and linguistics;
  • Department of journalism graduates professional journalists and creative, deeply-thinking and communicative specialists.

In future you will have a chance to become:

  • A specialist for migrants adaptation teaches them language and culture using Internet platforms.
  • A consultant in the field of development of linguistic systems based on semantic translation, text information processing (including semantic search in the Web), and development of interfaces for Human–computer interaction using natural languages.
  • A podcasters — a specialist in podcasting (creating and distributing audio or video files), a process close to radio broadcast and TV show in the Web.
  • A web Journalist. A journalist providing digital magazines and journals with articles.
  • A web-writer — an author of literary texts for the Web (non-linear, interactive and multimedia texts).
  • A blog administrator. A specialist supporting all kinds of blogs (Web journals and magazines, personal web-sites regularly updated with text messages, images and multimedia), working with content management systems for blogging platforms and social networks.
  • A transmedia journalist. Specialist working with searching, analyzing and publishing or posting topical information on several media platforms (TV, films, games, books, Internet etc.).

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