School of Mining, Geology and Geotechnology | Siberian Federal University

School of Mining, Geology and Geotechnology

Director: Vladimir N. Barano

Web-site: (in russian)

Address: 95 Gazety Krasnoyarsky Rabochy pr., Room A-460, 660025 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

E-mail: VMakarov [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru

Main fields of study and majors of our School are connected to applied geology, mining engineering and technology of geological exploration.

School of Mining, Geology and Geotechnology prepares engineers and research and teaching staff for companies working in geological exploration or mining and smelting which deal with a wide range of activities from survey and exploration to mining and processing of mineral resources.

Main research areas of the School:

  • Computer technologies for mineral deposits simulation and prognostication,
  • Mineral deposits exploration and drilling technologies,
  • Geochemical and geophysical technologies of mineral deposits exploration,
  • Improvement of geological and hydrogeological research methods,
  • Nanotechnologies in geological and mineralogical research,
  • Assessment and design of industrial safety in mining operations,
  • Assessment of electro-magnetic compatibility and environment at mining companies,
  • Modernization of transport machinery.

After graduation our students can become:

  • A system mining engineer, who works with environmental management facilities taking into account their complexity (from exploration up to closure of a deposit and its reclamation).
  • An ecological analyst in mining, who analyses ecological risks, organizes protection of natural environment at transportation, mining and processing of mineral recourses and reclamation of territories after the exploitation is finished.
  • An engineer of robotic systems. This specialist operates automated systems for development, monitoring, mining and processing at mineral deposits, including maintaining of such systems.
  • A space geologist, whose sphere is exploration and mining on the Moon and asteroids.
  • Engineering geologist (in-office group). A specialist on hydrogeological, and engineering and geological research, having skills in working with specialized software.
  • An expert in geological and economical assessment of mineral deposits, whose sphere of expertise is building geological and bloc models of deposits of various types with use of specialized software (Datamine, Surpac, Micromine).
  • An expert on geological computer simulation. A professional in making geological models of mineral deposits, analysis of GIS data, correlation of wellsites and sedimentological models.

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