School of Space and Information Technology | Siberian Federal University

School of Space and Information Technology

Director: Denis V. Kapulin


Address: 26 Kirensky st., 660074 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

E-mail: Ikit [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru

Staff of School of Space and Information Technology performs research, connected with optimization of satellite systems control, Earth remote probing, development of algorithms for high-performance computing and design of modern advanced microprocessor systems.

We supplied more than 400 PCs enabling our students to carry out research and education activities. These computers are arranged into one Information computer network based on CISCO products. Students have free access to internet via WI-FI. Students use the latest technologies of modern world: computers, software and laboratory equipment.

We specially wish to focus on “Electronics and Circuit Engineering” Laboratory, which is equipped with up-to-dated instruments on the basis of “Elvis II” platform by National Instruments Corp.; other leading companies such as ALTERA, INTEL, ATMEL, MOTOROLLA, ADVANTECH are equipment providers for The Laboratory “Microprocessor systems”. Along with this, the Laboratory of “Automated Control Systems of Technological Processes” is provided with PIC-processor-based local automatics devices and industrial TREI-5B-02 controller, which are designed for local and distributed systems of automated control and operation of technological processes.

After graduation our students can become:

  • An architect of virtual environment — this is a specialist on software and hardware development taking into account bio- and psychological parameters of users.
  • An architect for smart control systems, a developer of software for systems of traffic management and unmanned transport, and also for smart control systems management.
  • An architect for information systems who deals directly with data processing systems, in particular, develops algorithms of actions and designs data bases. This is a specialist on ensuring efficient access to data storages and control of data storage quality, logics of storage and retrieving of information.
  • A designer for virtual worlds is responsible for development and creation of conceptual solutions for a virtual world.
  • An interface designer is competent in in usability (design of interfaces convenient for users), who designs and creation of user-friendly i.e. safe and adaptive software interfaces of different level , equipment and appliances.
  • A game master — a master of development and organization of teaching games (including fantastic, business, historical etc. games), and a master at support of games with simulators.

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