School of Petroleum and Gas Engineering | Siberian Federal University

School of Petroleum and Gas Engineering

Director: Roman Sh. Aupov

Web-site: (in russian)

Address: 82 Svobodny pr., building 6, Room 3-09, 660041 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

E-mail: inig [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru

School of Petroleum and Gas Engineering closely cooperates with major Russian companies such as Rosneft, Gazprom, Transneft and others, with means a great opportunity for high-quality world-standard professional education.

Students have classes in a new modern building of the School, at advanced study laboratories with unique equipment, and use advanced information technologies and modern educational programmes. Highly qualified faculty and officers from leading oil and energy companies deliver lectures and practical trainings. Students undertake internships at cutting edge companies of Krasnoyarsk Territory and have a prospect of further career there. Extracurricular activities are also an important part of students’ life, and so Centre for Extracurricular Activities and Social Work has been founded on the basis of the School for coordination them. This Centre comprises 8 student communities such as Event Centre, Tutors Council, and Sport Centre etc. Students develop their skills of team work, their organizational and leader qualities, display their creativity. Our students actively participate in scientific life of the University. Student Research Community of our School widely supports students, willing to try hand at science and research.

Along with theoretical training, our Students will get fundamental and deep knowledge of special physical and chemical properties of natural energy resources, modern technologies for production of commercial products out of oil, gas, coal or other flammable materials; geo-physical methods of deposit exploration, geology, knowledge of production and operation of drilling equipment, machinery, service equipment, means of transportation and handling, and learn fundamentals of design.

Upon graduation from School of Petroleum and Gas Engineering you can have a career of:

  • An engineer for development and exploitation of oil, gas and gas-condensate fields. A professional on means of extraction and preparation of petroleum products, a specialist in engineering equipment and systems of transportation for petroleum products, mail and field pipelines, compression or pump stations, petroleum tank farms and gas storages.
  • A refining engineer. A process engineer of petrochemical and petroleum industry in design and oil and gas processing, who is responsible for improvement of processing technologies and methods for natural energy resource and carbon materials.
  • A design engineer of fire suppression automated systems. A specialist responsible for protective measures and emergency response and further clean up, at site or distantly, by means of operation automated means of fire suppression.
  • Project developer for hydrocarbons mining, processing, transportation and storage enterprises, who organizes automated fire protection of facilities, designs models of fire safety, give expert review and assessment of fire safety in technical projects, manufactures, industrial facilities and complexes.
  • An engineer of measuring instruments and automated systems of technological process control in oil refineries. An expert in analysis of piping scheme and control and measurement instruments, design plan of automated systems of technological process control, exploitation risks, skillful in measurement equipment and automatic controls, analysis of control system efficiency, accident prevention systems and lower current assembly systems, their reliability and durability; hydrocracking.

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